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As you look around the site you can add a zine to your shopping basket by clicking on the basket symbol by each zine ( ), or by clicking on the price for the zine. The page will reload, back where you were having added the zine to the basket. If in doubt look at the number of things in the basket and total value.

When you have finished, or want to check or change what you have ordered select the "View / Checkout" that will be at the top of every page.

On the Checkout page, you can remove unwanted things from the basket if you want to. if your order is finished, click on one of the "Checkout" links at the bottom of this page, one for credit cards one for other purchasing methods.

Actions then depend on how you are paying:

  • For Credit Cards Input your name, address and delivery address (if different) then there is a link to WorldPay who actually handle the online credit card transactions.

    Your order will be sent out as soon as possible. You need take no further action.

  • For Other Means (Cash/Cheque) Input your name, address and delivery address (if different) the system then emails you the order and sends a copy of it to Waveney. When you pay waveney (or one of the agents) quoting the order reference, the order will be sent.

There is an alternative faster method of selecting many items from the same page at the same time. See Options. This puts a tick box by each zine. You can follow links off the page for reviews and information about the zines, and return to carry on the order, provided you return within 3 hours of your original entry.

The Page Header

At the top of every page you will see something like:-

Currency :
Region : UK
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Going along these boxes:-

  • Currency / Region / Change your Options This shows what currency the prices are being displayed in and where in the world the delivery is to.

    If this is wrong, or to change the other operational options, click on the link Change your Options

  • Help this brings up help about most pages.
  • Search This allows you to search for almost anything.
  • Top This takes you to the Fandoms index
  • Leave This leaves the shop, taking you to the main Blake's 7 page.
  • Your Details This takes you to a page where you can put in or check your name / address and such details. When you complete an order you see this to check anyway. You can set up the delivery address to be different from your address.
  • Comments Use this to add comments to an order, or send comments to Knightwriter press, or the webmaster.
  • View / Checkout This box, either displays Basket is empty or gives the number and total value of things in the basket. If there is something in the basket, there is a link View / Checkout follow this to remove things from the order, check your order, or to proceed to the checkout.

    In general you see the page with your order, then one page where you fill in or check your details and then a confirmation screen at the end of the order.

  • The lower box this has a number of things, such as "Back to the Previous Fandom" as displayed here.
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