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Who Are Waveney

Waveney is the business run by Judith and Richard Proctor. It originally was a play by mail games business but since 1996 has moved into fanzines, dropping the PBM completely in 1998. By runing this activity as a formal business the costs are (and therefore prices) lower.

Contact Details

If you have a problem about an order or a zine then please direct these to: Judith Proctor - or through the appropriate agent - Linda Knight - or Pat Fenech -

Judith Proctor,
28 Diprose Road,
Corfe Mullen,
BH21 3QY,

The Site

If you have other problems about the site, or suggestions about the site's organisation, or would like your site to be maintained by me (not free), then please contact Richard Proctor -

Replacement and Refund Policy

Refund if an item is ordered, but not available.

Replacement of faulty items (eg pages missing or misprinted), remail items that fail to arrive.

Postage, Packaging and other charges

All prices include postage and packaging.

There is a charge of 1.50 for use of a credit card. We are charged for use of credit cards, the margins on most of these items are low.

There is a tracking charge for orders from Knightwriter Press, within the US.

There is an insurance charge for orders from Knightwriter Press being sent to Germany.

Last changed 27th of May 2000


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