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Version 2 Features

  • Credit Card Support via WorldPay
  • Support for different data formats
  • Support for "Buy Me" buttons
  • Generalisation to multiple shops improved
  • Some bugs fixed

Version 1 Features

The following is a summary of the new features of this suite (over the old program):
  • Many simple programs rather than a couple of enormous ones - easier to maintain and add features.
  • Two ways to order zines, the old way and a much faster method for ordering lots of zines from the same fandom at once.
  • New Zines - A simple link to new zines
  • Better Search Engine - (I think)
  • Option to not display slash/adult zines
  • Option to have the zines mailed to a third party
  • Support for potentially 100s of currencies (rather than 3 in the old version)
  • Hooks to online credit card support, when available.
  • More extensive help system
  • Sending comments to webmaster or site owner without an order
  • Can operate over a set of cooperating sites - so that material can be spread out without the user being aware, and browse other sites without being aware of it.
  • Could be used by others wanting e-commerce on web pages
  • Could be run remotely from such sites, if they can not support form cgi capabilities.
  • Easily extensible for new features
  • Different bugs
Last changed 22nd of February 2000


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