Zines and Merchandise From Waveney

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As you look around the site you can add a zine to your shopping basket by clicking on the basket symbol by each zine ( ), or by clicking on the price for the zine, or on any "Buy Me" button. The page will reload, back where you were having added the zine to the basket. If in doubt look at the number of things in the basket and total value.

When you have finished, or want to check/change what you have ordered select the View / Checkout that will be at the top of every page.

On the View / Checkout page, you can remove unwanted things from the basket if you want to. When your order is finished, click on the "Proceed to checkout" at the bottom of the View / Checkout page.

For more help and a privacy statement use the "Help" at the top of almost any page.

elect the currency that is easiest for you to pay in (this does not have to be the currency of the country that the zine comes from).

Credit cards can be handled in all currencies. Please select one of these options: (You can change this selection later if you want to).

British Pounds

For delivery to:

US Dollars

For delivery to:

Australian Dollars

(Credit Cards Only)
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(Credit Cards Only)
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