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(B-11: GAMBIT)

A passenger on the Bari, who lost a leg when the secondary burner blew but was saved by Docholli, who built a new limb "out of pieces". Zee was less than pleased with the result and tried to kill Docholli, but was disarmed by a shot from Travis and dismissed.



One of two HiTechs on Chenga (the other was Barr) who met Vila after the disappearance of Lom and Mall and brought him to the organ bank known as the slaughterhouse (without telling him of its purpose, of course). They left Vila at the entrance, telling him he would never see them again.



The daughter of Zukan, and a trained biogenetic engineer. She first met Avon and Tarrant when they visited Betafarl, and then stowed aboard Lodestar to visit Xenon and meet Tarrant again, despite her father's wishes to the contrary. When Finn informed Zukan that Zeeona was present on Xenon, she was ordered to return home aboard Scorpio. Soolin distracted Avon long enough to teleport Zeeona back to Xenon. When the radioactive airborne virus planted by Zukan was identified, Zeeona recalled that such a virus had been developed on Betafarl and realised that her father had betrayed the crew. She later entered the freight bay to decontaminate the virus by turning the neutron bombarder into a neutralising filter, but removed a glove from her space suit to carry out the process and subsequently died.

Zeeona was immediately aware of Zukan's death, despite the distance between them at that moment, and so may have had some limited telepathic ability.



Identical twin of Cally's, and from what Dayna said just one of a number of such, though no others were seen or later referred to. Zelda used her close relationship with Cally to bring the Liberator to Auron. She was later telepathically told of Cally being held prisoner whilst preparing a batch of clones from Servalan's blood. Zelda elected to stay in the replication plant when Ginka opened fire on it, and died in the resulting explosions. Cally collapsed as a result.


(37 episodes from A-3: CYGNUS ALPHA)

The main computer on the Liberator, first appearing after Jenna touched a control that linked Zen with her mind. Zen took the name "Liberator" from her mind and referred to the ship as such immediately afterwards, explaining that "your thought was accepted". At some unspecified point it was told to accept commands only from recognised members of the crew, recognition being keyed to voice. Tarrant, Klegg and his troopers thus had no control over Zen. Avon later allowed Zen to obey commands from Tarrant and Dayna. In The Harvest of Kairos the same was extended to Servalan, but later removed by Avon. Avon ensured that Zen would only obey his course commands when journeying to Terminal.

Although an invaluable part of Liberator's capability (and considered by Blake at least as a member of the crew), Zen occasionally proved to be less than helpful. It never answered Blake's queries about the original owners of the Liberator or their possible whereabouts. It switched off when Blake attempted to bring the programmed guardians" cryogenic capsule on board, with no reason given. It also refused to take the ship through the Prohibited Space Zone to XK-72 in Breakdown, and the ship had to be flown manually. An order to self-destruct, which flying through the Zone was considered to be, ran counter to Zen's prime directive.

Zen was also unhelpful in identifying Cally as the source of the sabotage inflicted on the ship in The Web, saying that "pre-emptive interference in crew activities is forbidden".

Since the Liberator's defence system was probably under Zen's control, Zen can be attributed with a bodycount - Wallace and Teague from the London (with a third crewman apparently driven insane) and two of the Thaarn's in Dawn of the Gods. Blake, Jenna and Avon would also have succumbed had Blake not seen through the illusions it projected.

Zen occasionally came under external control. Orac assumed control of Zen when the Liberator arrived at Aristo, suggesting that tarial cells were a component of Zen's systems. In Redemption, Zen failed to respond to the crew's commands after the initial contact with vessels from the System. Orac assumed control of Zen for a second time in Dawn of the Gods. The undead alien in Sarcophagus managed to assume control of Zen.

Zen occasionally referred to members of their crew by their names, addressing Olag Gan in this way in Time Squad. In Terminal it called for Blake and Cally who weren't even present on board. In the same episode, as it finally lost all power and computing ability, it referred to itself as "I" for the first and only time. Zen exploded when Servalan took the ship away from Terminal.

Avon in The Harvest of Kairos described Zen as a "capacity charged brain", without elucidating further.

Blake used Zen in a novel way in Shadow, whilst held prisoner by Largo. He asked Cally to have Zen bring a further payment across to Space City, thus letting her know that things had not gone according to plan.

Zen's final demise
Zen's exact parameters were never defined. It had master control over all the ship's systems, and had to be bypassed when it automatically went offline in Breakdown. It frequently relayed detector readings to the crew, and also monitored inboard sensor readings. It managed to decode the Horizon Kommissar's coded message to Flotilla 13 and the flotilla's reply, which was also in code - this ability might have been due to Blake's theft of a Federation cipher machine, either that in Seek-Locate-Destroy or on another, unseen occasion. Zen also had access to considerable astrographic data on many of the planets visited by Liberator, as well as some Federation archive material (relating to Obsidian, for example). How it came to have such data in its memory banks was never discussed.


(D-10: GOLD)

A frontier planet, "not very modern" according to Keiller, and possibly the only remaining source of gold in the known galaxy. The gold was sold to a number of parties, that destined for the Federation travelling as fruit in the pleasure cruiser Space Princess. Captain Kennedy referred to a voyage of twelve standard days from Zerok to Earth. The planet had a breathable atmosphere, and was visited by Avon, Tarrant, Dayna and Soolin. Shortly after the crew stole 17 billion (credits?) worth of gold from the Space Princess, Zerok ceded to the Federation, with all local currency invalid after seven days and all private transactions immediately illegal. Servalan had just given the crew ten billion in Zerok banknotes (apparently of one million denomination) in exchange for the stolen gold.



Federation communications were converted into zeta-3 particles and then scrambled, forming an unbreakable code without a cypher machine. This process may or may not be the same as the pulse codes mentioned in Killer.



One of the Outer Worlds, on which Blake believed his brother and sister were living. According to Dal Richie, Bran Foster had been on Ziegler-5 a few months before he met Blake.



Parasitic, vaguely humanoid creature living on the surface of the Host. Seeing the white (egg-like) teleportation field of Blake's arrival, it took Blake to be a newly-hatched individual of its own species and set out to protect him. When the Host started to cleanse itself by drowning the land masses, Zil surrendered and disappeared into the Host. Blake, however, found new resolve to continue with his campaign.

Zil may have been the name for the species as a whole, but the individual Blake met was happy to accept the name Blake as his "oneness", and thus Zil was probably specific to that particular individual. Zil came to speak Terran after a brief period of incomprehensibly, and may have had some telepathic or similar ability.


(B-6: TRIAL)

Referred to by the Judgement Program as a planet, the location of a massacre in which 1,417 unarmed civilians were murdered under the orders of Travis, although the shooting itself was carried out by the troopers under his command, one of them being Par. This happened about three years before Travis" court-martial, and presumably before his appointment by Servalan to hunt down Blake, although earlier references to a massacre conducted by Travis (in Seek-Locate-Destroy) alleged that it happened on Auros.


(B-11: BOUNTY)

Planet on which Jenna and Tarvin hid from 300 customs guards, during which time Jenna saved Tarvin's life.



The home planet of the moon discs. (Pronounced "Zondar"). This was said by Blake to have no night side as it had twin suns (a planet in such a position is in a highly unstable orbit and would be ejected from the star system within a few orbits). Visited by Blake, Avon, and Jenna, who planted fire control sensors around the moon disc plantations. It was also visited by Cally. The President's personal security force guarded the moondisc plantations.



A planet acquired by the Federation through their Pacification Programme. Avon showed the warlords invited to his prospective alliance a videocast from Zondawl, in which drugged citizens (marked with identifying numbers on their foreheads) were randomly gunned down by Federation troopers. The videocast had been made some six weeks previously.



Divisions of some or all of the galaxy. The freighter Blake followed to Horizon travelled from Zone 8 to Zone 9, where Horizon was situated.



President of Betafarl, and father of Zeeona. Boorva described him as a pirate and an outlaw, and it was noted that he possessed a considerable military force with which he threatened neighbouring systems. Zukan had lodged territorial claims against the other warlords contacted by Avon, Tarl and Serrus being specifically cited in this regard. Zeeona said of him that "in war or friendship [he] is never less than half-hearted".

Although apparently willing to join Avon's alliance against the Federation, Zukan was in fact working in league with Sleer (he was probably unaware of her true identity). He had Finn seal off all exits from Xenon Base, and himself planted the radioactive airborne virus developed on Betafarl. He neglected to tell Servalan the location of Avon's hideout, in order to secure the antitoxin formula for himself: his claims that an antitoxin source grew in abundance on Betafarl may thus well have been true, even though Avon and Soolin found no evidence to back his assertions.

Servalan planted a bomb in the airlock of his personal ship, and Finn was ejected when he tried to disarm it. The ensuing explosion threw Zukan's ship wildly out of control, and he tried to persuade Avon to change course and come to his rescue. He failed, and he died when his ship disintegrated.

Zukan was intensely possessive wherever his daughter was concerned, and also appeared to be burdened with the guilt of his crimes. He said that dream suppressants were of little help in easing his conscience. That didn't seem to stop him doing everything he was notorious for.


(D-10: GOLD)

Security personnel at the gold mine on Zerok wore a uniform emblazoned with a "ZVP" logo, and it was also to be seen adorning various walls, containers etc. Since the gold mine masqueraded as a vegetable reprocessing plant, ZVP probably stood for Zerok Vegetable Processing.

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