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Home planet of Groff, and at the time Avon and Tarrant met him his family were presumably still living there. Xaranor was a Federation world that specialised in building survey ships and supplying them with crews. Groff asked Avon and Tarrant to visit Xaranor for him, and a course was laid in after Liberator escaped from Crandor.


(D-1 RESCUE ff)

Planet on which "10,000 years of advancement" was "gone in a day", according to Cato, when war destroyed the civilisation on Xenon. Pella referred to the Hommiks reverting to tribalism "hundreds of years ago", dating this war as probably before Dorian's arrival 200 years before Avon got there. Pella also referred to the Seska coming to Xenon, and they may not have been involved in this war at all. At the time of Avon's arrival a tribe of Hommiks (there may have been others elsewhere on the planet) was living nearby, but after the death of Gunn-Sar Nina vowed to lead them away and they were never seen again.

Xenon was outside Federation territory, although Vila observed in Traitor "they'll be knocking on the door in a couple of years". Dorian and his partner had discovered the chambers that later came to be Xenon base, and also an underground room containing a substance Dorian knew very little about "despite two hundred years of study". This substance kept him clean of any physical or mental corruption, transferring itself instead to a prisoner in the room.

Xenon was visited by, apart from the Scorpio crew, Vena Muller, Muller's android, and Zukan, Zeeona, Finn and eleven technicians from Betafarl. The planet was also visited by the other warlords invited to Avon's alliance: Boorva of Tarl, Chalsa of Komm, Lod of Herriol, and Midas of Lovus. Some remnants of the previous civilisation remained: Cato looked after a hidden computer complex underneath the Hommik stronghold, and a metal footbridge was wired up and electrified from a hydro-electric power plant beneath a dam in Headhunter.

The journey from Terminal to Xenon was not, apparently, a long one, and so the two planets were probably not far apart. In Warlord Betafarl was said to be 30 hours away for Scorpio: no flight speed was given, but it was probably about Time Distort 12.


(13 episodes from D-1: RESCUE)

An extensive underground complex, fitted out by Dorian during his two centuries on Xenon. It included living quarters, a lounge (with wine-locker!), medical unit and control room. An armoury was mentioned by Dayna in Headhunter. The silo for Scorpio was at the bottom of a deep shaft, and the freight bay in which Zukan's technicians worked (and died) was probably immediately adjacent to this. The docking silo could apparently accommodate the Lodestar and Zukan's personal ship as well as Scorpio. When the crew first appropriated the base there was only enough food to last them three weeks, so they presumably acquired more. A satellite in orbit around Xenon could relay pictures to the control room. At least two hatches opened out onto the surface of Xenon.

In Warlord all exits from the base were blocked by explosives planted by Finn, and the base suffered considerable damage including the fracturing of pipes carrying the flammable coolant paraflame-5. In Blake the base was totally destroyed, deliberately this time, by the crew soon after taking off in Scorpio on their way to Gauda Prime.



A space station, financed by a consortium of neutral planets and specialising in weaponry and space medicine. Blake went there seeking surgical help after Gan's limiter began to malfunction. Zen reported flight time as more than 600 hours, but this included time to skirt a Prohibited Space Zone. Blake took Liberator through the zone and only just came out at the other end.
Chief administrator was Farren, and he was prepared to find a place for Avon in the station's research programmes in return for Avon's offer of a working teleport system, and guaranteed his identity would be kept secret. XK-72 may have been politically neutral, but not everyone there was, and Professor Kayn contacted the Federation, informing them of Blake's presence. The station was destroyed when a salvo of plasma bolts missed Liberator and hit the station.



A star in the constellation Lipterion. The fourth planet of the Xymines system was Kairos.



A high security designation in which no information was recorded. The genetic engineering experiments on Bucol-2 were subject to this classification (they were also coded "W Secret"). Only six war intelligence officers were informed of the work performed there, and theoretically Servalan as well, but as she later explained, "some war departments were a law unto themselves". The only surviving person with knowledge of what was happening on Bucol-2 was Ardus, and he was killed when he realised that Commissioner Sleer was in fact Servalan.

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