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Blake planned to attack "planet listing K-14" in retaliation for Cally's supposed death on Centero. The planet was said to be a repair and supply base for Federation deep space cruisers.





An uninhabited Earth-type planet to which Patar, Franton and the gene stocks from Auron's replication plant were taken. The planet was stated to be 40 hours away from an unstated position and at an unstated speed some short time after leaving Auron.



An independent Earth colony, and one of the possible sources of treatment for Gan's malfunctioning limiter. It was stated to have a population of 7 million people. It was 600 hours away from Liberator's position at the time.



Described by Zen as "a sub-organic growth" and "a highly prized crystal", available for one week only after the vernal equinox. It was gathered when available by the Federation during the so-called Harvest of Kairos, using manual labour. The harvest at the time of the crew's visit offered an above average yield, and the labourers and one of the guards were left behind to avoid overloading the shuttle.


The workers being left behind
Kairopan was also much sought after by the giant ant-like creatures that emerged after the equinox to render the planet uninhabitable. They used kairopan to make silk, pursuing and killing anyone who possessed even a fragment of the substance or had handled it.
See also ALIENS



Listed by Zen as the fourth planet of the star Xymines in the constellation Lypterion, Kairos had an orbital period of 15 Earth years. The fertile zone was small. Tarrant had visited the planet previously, when his first command was as a lieutenant on the kairopan shuttle under Captain Jarvik. This was presumably 15 years previously.

There were buildings on the surface, one of them containing a lunar module which Tarrant described as "proto-space age", and probably a relic of early explorations of the planet. The buildings, which were not insubstantial, probably dated from the same period.



(C-11: MOLOCH)

Federation penal colony on the very edge of the galaxy, a relatively short distance away from Sardos. Six prisoners including Doran were brought from Kalkos to Sardos in a T-16 troop transporter. Doran talked of never having seen the sun in all his fifteen years on Kalkos, and specifically mentioned being placed in a cell.



One of the prisoners held in the detention block on the unnamed planet in this episode, in cell T5. Others included Hend, Pelar, Distar and Avalon. Kalor differed from the others in having a beard, but no other information was given.



The high priestess on Cygnus Alpha, Kara met the newly arrived prisoners from the London, introducing herself as "the servant of your god" and greeting Gan with a kiss. She wore a red robe in the church. She died after warning Gan of a spear thrown at him, the weapon landing in her instead.



A Vandor agent on the Teal Star who distracted Deeta Tarrant for an assassination attempt. Deeta saw through the ploy, and killed Karla when she pulled a gun on him. It was Karla who informed Deeta that Teal and Vandor were at war.



Rebel leader on Earth with whom Blake liaised prior to his attack on Control. Once a senior political officer, she had taught Federation officer cadets but according to Servalan, "what she was teaching was treason". Servalan, as one of those cadets, had reported her, but Kasabi managed to escape during the ensuing inquiry. Servalan said that she had waited a long time for a reckoning with Kasabi, and personally led an expedition to wipe out her guerilla force. Kasabi died under interrogation.

Kasabi had a daughter, Veron, though whether her birth preceded or followed her mother's defection was unstated.



A prominent figure in the history of Cephlon, whose story was related by Meegat thus:

"Our fathers fought a great war, and Kashel the Wise dreamed that all life would end in this place, so Kashel sought a way to preserve our race, a way for it to survive in a new place among the stars, and a way was found. Deliverance was prepared, and Kashel the Wise was satisfied that it was good. All that was needed to complete Deliverance was the word of Kashel, but our fathers killed him, and the word was forgotten. And so we wait for a new word from beyond the stars. We wait for Deliverance. We wait for the nameless lord whose name shall be spoken by the one who waits."

The name of that lord was, of course, Avon.


(D-2: POWER)

One of the last three Seska on Xenon. She was wounded by a crossbow bolt during a Hommik attack, but survived to penetrate the Hommik stronghold and meet Nina, before leaving to rejoin Pella. With Pella, she helped Dayna defeat Gunn-Sar in single combat. She was shot dead by Pella, trying to prevent her stealing Scorpio.



A neurosurgeon, who according to Jenna was "supposed to be a genius". He was stationed on the neutral research station XK-72, and his skill was enlisted by Blake in repairing Gan's malfunctioning limiter. Professor Kayn was quick to recognise who he was dealing with, and did little to hide his opinion of them from his assistant, Renor. He referred to the crew of Liberator as "maniacs, killers... mindless destroyers".

He reported Blake's position through the communications department on XK-72, despite the fact that he lacked the authority to do so. His reluctance to operate was noticed by Vila, and Blake persuaded Kayn to perform the operation by threatening to destroy the surgeon's hands if he did not. Kayn returned to XK-72 and was challenged by administrator Farren for undermining his authority. Kayn argued, and eventually strangled Farren in a fit of rage. He had not recovered from the shock of realising what he had done when a salvo of plasma bolts, aimed at Liberator, hit the station and destroyed it.


(A-8: DUEL)

Title held by Giroc, as the Keeper of the Power of her race, Sinofar being the Guardian. She stated that she had never asked to be chosen to fulfil this role.

See also GIROC, The POWER



(A-8: DUEL)

Original name of a mutoid under Travis" command. She claimed to have no knowledge of her former identity, and believed it to have been erased from the Central Computers, although Travis had found it. She was chosen by Sinofar to accompany Travis in his duel with Blake, and to teach him the meaning of the death of a friend. She fed on the blood of a bat-like creature, which proved to be unsuitable, and attempted to take blood from Jenna. She collapsed whilst fighting Jenna and apparently died, but was healed by Sinofar and was last seen on Travis" ship, threatened with a court-martial.



Planet on which civilisation collapsed some 3,000 years prior to the Liberator's visit when social and economic development reached its limits. The technology developed on the planet included instantaneous matter transmission over any distance on a terminal-to-terminal basis, and so the people of Keezarn sent out a starship (by inference, a sublight vessel) to find a new system to colonise. A race memory was genetically planted in the population, and once every 35 generations the descendants would gather at the City at the Edge of the World to find someone to open the door to the terminal on the planet. Bayban noted that there were no gems or precious metals anywhere on the planet, and assumed that they lay behind the vault door. At least twelve natives of Keezarn were killed by Bayban and his men, probably more.

Orac conjectured that the planet was called Keezarn from a reference in "an obscure archaeological treatise", and the name was later confirmed by the recording Vila and Kerril heard aboard the starship.


(D-10: GOLD)

An old acquaintance of Avon, though in what regard was not made absolutely clear. As encountered by the crew of Scorpio he was acting as the purser of the Space Princess on its journey from Zerok to Earth, though he was in fact head of security aboard the ship and responsible for the safe delivery of the gold on board. His voice-print identification number at the gold mine on Zerok was 22719326.

An unknown party (later revealed to be Servalan, though Keiller was apparently unaware of this at first) blackmailed him into conscripting Avon to help him steal the gold shipment on its way to Earth. Keiller was to receive 6 billion credits for the part he played. He mentioned a criminal record, suggesting that he may have been involved with Avon's past illegal activities. Avon also discovered that Keiller had later served as a member of the President's personal staff, and (rightly) deduced that the President in question had been Servalan.

During the escape from the Space Princess Keiller shot and killed Dr Slaten, though this failed to impress Soolin. He himself died after Avon left him on Beta 5 with Servalan and her guards, though exactly who killed him was not recorded.


(B-13: STAR ONE)

City on an unnamed planet (Keldon?). According to Durkim, half the population was killed when the neutron drive unit from the Nova Queen landed right on top of the city.


(D-9: SAND)

Leader of the first expedition to Virn, some five years before Servalan's visit. He was the last of the party to die, after a woman called Gena killed herself on realising the nature of the sand. His body was found by Tarrant and Servalan, still warm and preserved by the sand as a food source.

Keller had had an affair with Servalan when she was eighteen, though it apparently ended when he left her. For who (if anyone) and why was not revealed.



A crewman of Wanderer K47, whose body was not aboard when the ship was investigated by Dr Bellfriar's team on Fosforon.



Dr Kendall discovered that Destiny's sun was deficient in certain wavelengths and held the senior position on the Ortega, being responsible for delivering the neutrotope to Destiny. He entrusted Blake with the neutrotope's safety, and believed that only he had access to it, although it had already been stolen by Sara when he gave the box to Blake. Kendall left the Ortega, teleporting with the survivors of his crew onto Liberator shortly before the ship was destroyed.


(D-10: GOLD)

Captain of the Space Princess on its flight from Zerok to Earth.



Worked for Bayban, who described her as "the best gunhand I ever had, but she's got no team spirit". She was a crack shot, blasting a gun out of Sherm's fingers. She obeyed Bayban's orders, but had nothing but contempt for Sherm. She initially held a similar view of Vila, but took the trouble to clean herself up before accompanying him through the vault door. Kerril was the first to step on the matter transmission device to the distant starship. She made love with Vila whilst on the ship, and later suggested calling the planet to which they had been taken as "Homeworld" or "Vilaworld". Back on Keezarn, she asked Norl to let her go with his people to their new home, and was granted permission on the grounds that she, like Vila, had helped Norl's people. Vila held Bayban at gunpoint to let her step through the door, after which it resealed itself and was never re-opened.


(D-10: GOLD)

A security measure guarding the gold shipment on the Space Princess: a shower of killers was released when the strongbox was opened. They adhered and apparently ignited on contact (with anything living?) and burnt their way through the target. Some apparently had a built-in timer delay.



Federation officer, with the rank of Section Leader. Klegg and five troopers of a Federation Death Squad were the first to board Liberator after it was abandoned in the Intergalactic War, closely followed by Tarrant. Klegg captured Dayna as a hostage, and agreed to a deal with Avon to betray Tarrant. He was eventually garrotted by Dayna.


(B-11: GAMBIT)

Docholli's pseudonym on Freedom City and probably for some unspecified period of time beforehand. He was addressed as Kline by Chenie and Zee. Toise surmised that he was in fact Docholli, and Travis was well aware of who he really was.


(B-11: GAMBIT)

A midget (or alien?) who worked in the casino in Freedom City, challenging all-comers to speed chess. A prize of one million credits was offered to those who defeated the Klute or forced him to a draw: losers were electrocuted, a fate Krantor described as "the Klute's only reward". The Klute was seen to defeat a challenger called Thrylce in 28 moves, but offered a draw against Vila (who was playing with Orac's help) after 21 moves.


(D-13: BLAKE)

Employed by Deva on Gauda Prime to monitor air traffic around Blake's base. She was killed by Avon whilst trying to put out an alert to all personnel about the break-in at the main tracking gallery.



A border system, represented at Avon's attempted alliance of local warlords by Chalsa.
Chalsa is 2nd Left



Officer of the Federation's Colonial Service, tutor of Ro and his father Movo, who journeyed to Horizon on the annual freighter. He had apparently been there before, since Ro welcomed him back. The Kommissar had trained Ro at the Central Educational Complex, and personally given him his graduation order. He was also responsible for the death of Movo. Ro eventually killed him with a poisoned blowpipe dart.



Worked for Servalan on Terminal, overseeing the hypnotic treatments given to Avon after his capture. Kostos boarded Liberator with Servalan and teleported Vila down to the surface, allowing him to take Orac in the belief that the computer was actually a sculpture Vila had made. She died when the ship disintegrated on leaving Terminal.


(B-11: GAMBIT)

Described by Servalan as a "vulpine degenerate", Krantor was a powerful and important figure in Freedom City and, according to Chenie, actually ran the place. He welcomed Servalan personally, and agreed to deliver Docholli and Travis for a sum of 8 million credits. Krantor was forced to close the Big Wheel after Vila had won 5 million credits, and then persuaded a somewhat drunken Vila to play the Klute at speed chess. Vila won, albeit by cheating, and Krantor was forced to watch Vila and Avon depart with their money.

Krantor dressed in an archaic manner supposedly modelled on the Prince Regent (possibly to celebrate Mardi Gras). He was seen at one point holding a white, long haired cat. His behaviour with Toise hinted at a possible homosexual relationship.



Crewman on the London, and the third person to board Liberator, looking for Wallace and Teague. Affected by the ships's defence system, he called out the name "Devor". Blake, Jenna and Avon were preparing to follow when he emerged berserk from the airlock and attacked Raiker. He was last seen being dragged away by fellow crewmembers.

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