Help on the Sevencyclopaedia

The Sevencyclopaedia has grown with lots of pictures, as a result more sophisticated access is now necessary.

This section explains how to use the controls at the top of any page of the Sevencyclopaedia.

Action Buttons

Index This displays the top level index (where you started), but retains the option settings for the next page you view of the Sevencyclopaedia.
Redo If you have changed your options and wish to take another look at your current page - eg to switch pictures on - select 'redo'.
Intro This displays a longer introduction to the Sevencyclopaedia, how and why it was written and by whom.
Help This page.
Fanlore A number of "Facts" about the characters and settings of Blake's 7, mainly from BBC publicity material.
Browse Will directly go to a random entry in the Sevencyclopaedia.
Next Displays the next entry/10 entries/letter.

(Not always displayed)

Prev Displays the previous entry/10 entries/letter.

(Not always displayed)


Pictures Switchs display of pictures on/off - there will be a lot of pictures
Letter Index Select Letter index to display an index of the entries starting with that letter. You may then then select the entry you want.

If Letter index is not selected, then selecting a letter will take you to the start of that section of the sevencyclopaedia.

All Show all entries starting with this letter - not a very good idea if pictures is selected as it will take ages to download.
1 Entry Show just one entry at a time.
10 Entries Show up to 10 entries at once.

Letter Buttons

These go to entries in the Sevencyclopaedia starting with that letter. Behaviour depends on the setting of Letter Index.

If Letter index is selected, then when a letter is selected, then an index of the enties that start with that letter is displayed, allowing you to then select the entry you want.

If Letter index is not selected, then when a letter is selected, it will display all/1/10 entries starting with that letter.

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