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(various episodes)

The teleport systems on Scorpio and Liberator both depended on bracelets for transmission and recall. The bracelets in both cases also functioned as communicators.

Blake recognised the bracelets on the Liberator as containing aquitar, and was the first person seen to use one when he teleported down to Cygnus Alpha for a test and four minute reconnaissance. The rack beside the teleport bay could hold 32 bracelets, as shown in The Keeper: it was half empty in Cygnus Alpha, but seen to be full in Redemption, so a store of them must have been kept somewhere. In Deliverance Jenna lost her bracelet, and attempts to bring her up failed to produce anything: this either means that unworn bracelets could not be teleported, or that Jenna's was damaged in the struggle with the scavengers.

Many bracelets were broken or lost during the first three seasons. Vargas destroyed at least two when interrogating Blake, and a third was lost when Blake teleported him into deep space. In Mission to Destiny Sara removed her bracelet, which was destroyed with the Ortega. Professor Kayn's and Renor's bracelets were probably destroyed with XK-72 (but see note below). Molok's bracelet was destroyed with him in Hostage. Mori's was presumably lost when he fell into the volcano. Vila's bracelet was blown up along with Bayban's box in City at the Edge of the World. In Children of Auron Zelda's bracelet was lost with the destruction of the bio-replication plant. Relf crushed Dayna's and Tarrant's bracelets in Ultraworld, and Avon's was destroyed by one of the Ultra.

A number of bracelets were last seen on people leaving the Liberator. If Jenna's bracelet on Cephlon was damaged (see above) they might have been recalled to the ship, otherwise they remained with those last seen wearing them. Such bracelets include: Cally's, which she lost on Centero in Seek-Locate-Destroy; Kayn's and Renor's (which might have been recovered - Kayn was not wearing one when he strangled Farren); and Sarkoff and Tyce needed bracelets to leave Liberator in Bounty. Avon, Vila, Gan and Blake had their bracelets stolen by Veron in Pressure Point: Travis tossed them into a corner, Jenna may later have recovered them. Jenna brought down three bracelets in Hostage, although only one was needed (to replace that lost with Molok) since Ushton and Inga elected to remain on Exbar. Del Grant left wearing a bracelet in Countdown. Voice from the Past presents some difficulties: Blake met Ven Glynd, "Shivan", Nagu and six aides on Asteroid P-K118, but only the first three were later seen on Liberator. Later Ven Glynd and LeGrand teleported to the Atlay shuttle, and were seen in the conference centre with four (different) aides. Shivan (actually Travis) later teleported down to Atlay. This leaves a possible 14 bracelets unaccounted for. In Volcano one was apparently left behind on Mori's dead trooper. Servalan, Shad and a guard teleported off Liberator to the shuttle: their bracelets were not seen to be reclaimed. Ginka took Avon's, Cally's and Tarrant's bracelets in Children of Auron: Dayna brought replacements down to the replication plant on Auron. Cally's bracelet was never recovered in Ultraworld. It was used to transmit a bogus distress call, ostensibly from her. Vila's bracelet was stolen by Servalan, Dayna's / Avon's by Grose and Tarrant's by Moloch in Moloch. All five of the crew needed bracelets to teleport down to Terminal: four people teleported back up (Servalan, Kostos and two aides). Servalan still wore a bracelet as she fled the disintegrating Liberator. Moloch is unique in that bracelets were actually created, using the energy/mass converter. Four were apparently produced in this way.

In all, at least 11 bracelets were definitely destroyed, and the Federation had the chance to acquire anything up to 20 bracelets for study. One was found by Avon on Terminal. Despite this ample raw material, the Federation never appeared to develop their own teleport system.


(various episodes)

The teleport was first used in Power and no bracelet was needed. It could be that bracelets were unnecessary when teleporting from one terminal to another, but they were seen to be worn for this purpose in Headhunter. The bracelets were built, presumably by Dorian, before the teleport was completed, since Avon was wearing one when captured by the Hommiks, and the bracelet rack aboard Scorpio was already fitted when Dorian came to Terminal. This rack could hold seven to eight bracelets, as seen in Headhunter.

Avon's bracelet was destroyed by a Hommik in Power, and temporarily taken by Benos in Assassin, but otherwise there were no losses. Additional functions may have been incorporated into the bracelets, since Tarrant apparently identified a leakage of paraflame-5 using his bracelet.



One of the people admitted to the Central Clinic on the same day as the three children allegedly assaulted by Blake.



A space rat on Caspar, called for by Atlan. Probably died in the course of the crew's escape, but difficult to tell since all space rats looked more or less alike.


(C-11: MOLOCH)

Possible rank within the Federation. Before landing on Sardos, Grose was subordinate to two pilot captains and a brigade commander. Avon mentioned "a brigade of troops" in Pressure Point, but this might have been a figurative allusion on his part. See TROOPERS.



Blake explicitly referred to Lord Jeffrey Ashley being British.


(D-9: SAND)

Members of the second expedition to Virn were given broad spectrum shots against the supposed virus on the planet. Mentioned by Reeve.


(various episodes)

The projectile picked up on the way to Saurian Major contained genetic stocks and brood units in the custody of programmed guardians. According to Zen, the brood units could produce a full-grown adult from a single cell in 1.6 minutes.

Brood units were also carried by the chemical rocket watched over by Meegat. Avon described them as more sophisticated than those in the projectile, and conjectured that they would operate automatically on arrival at their destination.

The brood units in the replication plant on Auron could incubate about fifteen fetuses each, possibly at an accelerated rate of development.



A planet abandoned after mineral deposits were exhausted. Six years before the Intergalactic War, a Federation scientific warfare team was sent to Bucol-2 to conduct experiments on genetically engineering radiation-proof, shock troops. The work progressed well, but too slowly to be of use in the War, and so the research team left, only to be shot down by an enemy gunship as they were taking off. One team member, Justin, had elected to stay behind, and remained on the planet until Dayna arrived.

Servalan's captain referred to "Bucol-2"s planet", suggesting that Bucol-2 was not the second planet of the Bucol system, but in the second star system of the Bucol constellation or something similar.



Organisation within the Federation, though not clearly defined. Borr noted that failure to file a flight plan was contrary to Bureau regulations (as written by Sleer), and since he, working at Central Intelligence Control, was asked not to file a flight plan for Ardus" visit to Sleer, the Bureau and the CIC may be one and the same. The Bureau existed before the Intergalactic War, since Ardus had been one of its officers at the time the genetic engineering experiments on Bucol-2 were initiated, six years before the war.

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