Winspit - Location for Games

This is our local quarry. Used as the location for the planet Mecron II in the Blake's 7 episode Games, and waterpistol fights and also for the planet Skaro in the Dr Who serial Destiny of the Daleks.

Winspit was used until about 1940 as a stone quarry (producing high quality Purbeck stone for major buildings in London), then was the site of naval and air defences during the second world war. Winspit is right on the Purbeck coast, on the cliffs, about 30 feet above the sea. It is located near the village of Worth Matravers in Dorset.

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Sevencyclopaedia entry for Mecron II.

Doctor Who - Destiny of the Daleks - Location Filming (This site covers the Dr Who use of Winspit).

Mecron II - Blake's 7Winspit - EarthSkaro - Dr Who
Filmed 6th-8th July 1981
Screened 16th November 1981
Monday 4th May 1998 Screened 1st September 1979

View from high up on the cliffs, looking east.

Looking west by the ramp. The teleport rock is part of the rock fall to the right of the picture.

The Doctor says it's a ruined city (any resemblance to an abandoned quarrymen's hut is entirely a product of your imagination).

The loading ramp looking out to sea. Careful shooting ensured that the sea was not visible during the episode.

Looking west by the ramp. The sea is clearly visible.

Dr Who (Tom Baker) exploring.

A wall and door have appeared in this cave, courtesy of the BBC.

Looking down the ramp towards the caves.

Romana goes back to the Tardis to try and get K9.

About to Teleport out.

About to have a water fight. The Teleport rock is the same, although a few additional rocks have fallen beside it during the last twenty years.

The Tardis arrives at an unknown destination (which later turns out to be Skaro).

Pyrotecnics from the caves.

They normally look like this.

They have some very similar caves on Skaro...

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