Online Slash/Adult Fiction

WARNING The term Adult generally refers to stories with explicit heterosexual content. The term Slash refers to stories that may contain explicit homosexual material. If you do not want to read about two men having sex, do not follow these links.

There is a growing collection of online fiction, covering whole stories and extracts of zines. This part of our page, will provide links and reviews comments about online fiction, in much the way we already cover zines.

If you know of other Online B7 fiction please let us know at Judith Proctor.

Misha's Fiction Archive

And several others.

Pink Asteroids
An archive for 'U' and 'PG' rated 'Blakes 7' same-sex, but not explicit, relationship stories.
The Avon/Tarrant Page
A page dedicated to "the cutest couple on Blake's 7." Includes a slash fiction archive.
Penny Dreadful's Site
Calico's Page
Slash b7 crossover, with ST:Voy, Avon/Paris.

Jessica Leenstra
Jessica Leenstras online Fanfic site with B7 material

"Liberated - an archive of slash/adult B7 fiction on the Net. Contributions welcome!"

When you send stories, please include a small summary for readers to appear next to the link for your story, perhaps with key words such as hurt/comfort, angst, romance, torture, character death, BDSM, adventure etc.

The site is called Liberated, and is at All critiques welcome. I'm going to keep the site as plain and simple as possible, to make it quick to download.

Calle's stories
Hero's Lost, the Spacerebels of Gor and other stories by Calle.
B7 Dreams
Has adult fanfic.
Tangled Web
'Cough' (an Avon/Tarrant by Hanneke, originally published in Liberator Fantasies, currently out of print)
Oblique Publications
Publishers of Oblaque and several other zines hhave some stories online in PDF format.

Vera's Site
Two stories:

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