Doctor Who

Most Dr Who titles are no longer available in NTSC format.
1stThe Hartnell YearsCompilation tape
1stAn Unearthly Child 
1stDead Planet 
1stThe DaleksWritten by Terry Nation
1stThe Keys of MarinusWritten by Terry Nation Link
1stThe Aztecs 
1stThe Dalek Invasion of EarthWritten by Terry Nation
1stThe Rescue, The RomansTwo Stories
1stThe Web Planet 
1stThe Chasewritten by Terry Nation
1stThe Ark 
1stThe War Machines 
1st and 2ndDaleks - The Early YearsCompilation
1st and 2ndCybermen - The Early YearsCompilation Tape
2ndThe Tomb of the Cybermen 
2ndThe Ice Warriors(Box Set) Link
2ndThe Dominators 
2ndThe Mind RobberDirected by David Maloney
2ndThe Invasion 
2ndThe KrotonsDirected by David Maloney
2ndThe Seeds of Death 
2ndThe War GamesDirected by David Maloney
2ndThe Troughton yearsCompilation tape
3rdSpearhead From Space 
3rdDoctor Who and The SiluriansPaul Darrow plays Captain Hawkins
3rdTerror of the Autons 
3rdThe Mind Of Evil  Link
3rdThe Claws of Axos 
3rdThe Daemons 
3rdDay of the Daleks 
3rdThe Curse of Peladon 
3rdThe Sea Devils 
3rdThe Three Doctors1st to 3rd Doctors in 10th anniversary story
3rdCarnival of Monsters 
3rdFrontier in Space 
3rdThe Green Death 
3rdThe Time Warrior 
3rdDeath to the DaleksWritten by Terry Nation
3rdThe Monster of Peladon 
3rdPlanet of the Spiders 
3rdThe Pertwee YearsCompilation Tape
4thThe Ark in Space 
4thThe Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the DaleksTwo Stories, the second of which is written by Terry Nation and directed by David Maloney
4thRevenge of the Cybermen 
3rdTerror of the Zygons 
4thPlanet of EvilDirected by David Maloney
4thPyramids of Mars 
4thThe Android InvasionWritten by Terry Nation
4thThe Brain of Morbius, The CollectorTwo Stories
3rdThe Seeds of Doom 
4thThe Masque of MandragoraFeaturing voice work by Peter Tuddenham
4thThe Hand of Fear 
4thThe Deadly AssassinDirected by David Maloney
3rdThe Face of EvilWritten by Chris Boucher
4thThe Robots of DeathWritten by Chris Boucher and features Brian Croucher
4thThe Talons of Weng-ChiangDirected by David Maloney
3rdHorror of Fang Rock 
4thImage of the FendahlWritten by Chris Boucher, also has Scott Fredericks (Carnell from Blakes 7)
3rdThe Sun MakersHas Michael Keeting
4thThe Ribos Operation 
4thThe Pirate Planet 
4thThe Stones of Blood 
4thThe Androids of Tara 
4thThe Power of KrollFeaturing Glyn Owen (Captain Leylan in Blakes 7)
4thThe Armageddon Factor 
4thDestiny of the DaleksWritten by Terry Nation
4thCity of Death 
3rdNightmare of Eden 
4thShadaReconstruction of uncompleted story narrated by Tom Baker
3rdThe Leisure Hive 
4thThe E Space TrilogyBox set with three stories - Full circle, State of Decay, Warriors' Gate
4thThe Keeper of Traken 
4thThe Tom Baker YearsCompilation Tape of extracts
K9 and CompanyA Girl's Best FriendDoctor Who spin off featuring K9 and Sarah Jane Smith
5thThe Visitation, Black OrchidTwo Stories
5thArc of Infinity 
5thMawdryn Undead 
5thThe King's Demons, The Five DoctorsTwo stories special edition
5thThe Five Doctors1st to 5th Doctors feature in the 20th anniversary special. Original Version
5thWarriors of the Deep 
5thThe Awakening and FrontiosTwo stories
5thResurrection of the Daleks 
5thPlanet of Fire 
5thThe Caves of Androzani 
6thThe Twin Dilemma 
6thVengeance on Varos 
6thThe Mark of the Rani 
6thThe Two Doctors2nd and 6th Doctor together. Also Features Jacqueline Pearce as Chessene
6thTimelashFeaturing Paul Darrow as Tekker
3rdThe Trial of a Time Lord 
6thThe Colin Baker YearsCompilation of extracts
7thTime and the RaniFeaturing voice work by Peter Tuddenham
7thParadise Towers 
3rdRemembrance of the Daleks 
7thThe Happiness Patrol 
7thSilver Nemesis 
7thGreatest Show in the Galaxy  Link
7thGhost Light 
7thThe Curse of Fenric 
1st and 7thDaleks Box SetThe Chase (1st), Remembrance of the Daleks (7th)
 Dr. Who and the DaleksCinema Film starring Peter Cushing
 Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150ADCinema Film starring Peter Cushing
8thDoctor WhoThe Film
AllMore than 30 years in the TARDISOfficial documentary
 Lust in SpaceSpin off Documentary
 MindgameSpin off Drama

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Last updated on 24th of October 1999.