Model Blake

This model Blake is at 1/32 scale (about 2 inches high) white metal and normally comes unpainted and needing a little assembly.

This is a nice model, but it's not a beginner's job. There's a moderate amount of flash to be removed and the arms need fastening on, as does the base. The arms don't fit completely flush so some work with modelling putty is needed to smooth out the joins.

This is a white metal model, so the arms need attaching with superglue or similar. Ideally, the arms need fastening with a metal pin to make them more secure.

For those who want to paint the model, but don't want the hassle of assembling it, we offer the following:

These models are temporarily unavailable - the maker is short of time.

The model is available from:

Imar Models as a kit only and as a kit, assembled and fully painted through Judith.

As a kit: Priced 8.30 UK and Europe, and 8.80 or $15 to the USA and Australia.

Assembled and matt black: Priced 11.30 UK and Europe, and 11.80 or $21 to the USA and Australia.

Fully painted: Priced 16.30 UK and Europe, and 16.80 or $29 to the USA and Australia.

Review by Julia Jones

he models are gorgeous. The modeller has caught Blake's build and features beautifully - this is Blake, not a generic model in Robin Hood style clothes. (I won't be able to do any modelmaking for a while, so I'm getting two - one unpainted to do myself at some later date, and one painted, because I don't want to wait:-)

Technical wibble: there's a fair bit of flash on some of the figures, and the sprue is roughly trimmed, but there's nothing that won't clean up nicely with a little careful attention. The figures are nicely modelled, and properly moulded. The Blake figure is cast in one piece, so the only assembly needed is to attach it to the base (the Avon model is three parts and base). The only nitpick I have is that the Liberator gun holster is a bit rough, but that's easily fixed. Recommended for anyone who likes white metal figures.

Last updated on 24th of September 2001.

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