At the top and bottom of each page of a story, will be something like the following:

Next Page Previous Page First Page Page:  Selection Library Help


Next PageTakes you to the Next page of a multi-page story
Previous PageTakes you to the Previous page of a multi-page story
First PageTakes you to the First page of a multi-page story
SelectionTakes you back to the story list you were offered when you last clicked on search.
Page:  Takes you to the requested page (the default is to the next page) If you got interupted part way through a long story this allows you to select the page you want. Long stories are broken into pages to make viewing easier.
LibraryTakes you to the main Library page so you can select some new stories.
HelpTakes you to this page

At the bottom of the LAST page of a story the following will be displayed:

Rate This Story: Feedback to
the writer


RatingClick on the number of stars that give your personal rating for a story.
FeedbackIf you want to give the author feedback on the story, click on this link. (If the author has not requested feedback, then there will not be a link)

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