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Mary Sue Strikes Back

By Judith Proctor
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"We need your help, Blake," said the beautiful young resistance leader.

      Vila looked on in admiration, taking in her leather thigh boots, deeply cut leather bodice and conservatively cut skirt. Conservative in the amount of fabric used that is. Its cut owed nothing whatsoever to the dictates of polite Earth fashion.

      "You can have my help anytime," he offered generously.

      Her voice turned slightly throaty. "The magnitude of our problem is such that we may need the help of every male member of your crew."

      Vila rather hoped that the pun wasn't accidental...

      Blake took control of the conversation again. "How may we be of assistance," he demanded.

      "Well it's like this," her eyes wandered sideways for a moment to take in Avon's leather clad form and Gan's massive bulk, "there was this radiation bomb-"

      Her equally beautiful companion elbowed her in the ribs. "No it wasn't, it was a biological weapon. It, erm, rendered all our men sterile."

      "Right," agreed the original woman hastily. "It rendered all our men sterile."

      "So, we need your help-"

      "We need your help to repopulate our planet."

      "What!" squawked Vila, "All of it!"

      "It's a very small planet," she assured him hastily. "There's only about fifty of us."

      "Fifty?" Avon said thoughtfully, entering the conversation for the first time.

      "Fifty?" said a young man with curly hair, appearing out of nowhere.

      "Fifty one," said a new, also amazingly beautiful woman. "Stuff the accuracy of the time line. Since all our menfolk were carried away by raiders, the problem is really serious, we need all the help we can get."

      "Rendered sterile by a biological weapon," hissed the second woman loudly.

      "Right, biological weapon," said the third woman, eyeing Tarrant in a way that left in no doubt as to what biological weapon she had in mind.

      "I'm sure," Avon said thoughtfully, "that we should do everything we can to help the rebellion, even if it involves great personal sacrifice. Shouldn't we, Blake?"

      "Of course," Vila interrupted hastily.

      "Naturally," said Gan.

      They all waited for Blake's answer.

      He chewed a knuckle thoughtfully. "Is it safe to go to your planet if there's this biological plague running loose?"

      The first woman looked a touch disconcerted. "Er-"

      "No problem," interrupted the second. "We go to Space City for a week." She smiled lasciviously. "Krantor is a personal friend of mine."

      "Then," said Blake, "for the noble cause of freedom-"

      "And at great personal sacrifice-"

      "We couldn't possibly turn down such charming ladies as yourselves-"

      "And as long as Jenna and Cally don't find out-"

      "We'll do it!"


      Looking around the luxuriously appointed room, Mary Sue smiled carefully. "Did you remember to bring everything we need?"

      Sue Ellen rubbed her hands together in anticipation. "The lot. Massage oil, green jelly, leather bondage gear, whips, chains..."

      Ellen Mae looked mildly nervous. "You don't think they'll mind being sex slaves for a week do you?"

      "Nonsense," Sue Ellen retorted, "they'll love it. Whose story is this anyway?"

      "Besides," Mary Sue said with a generous smile, "if they don't behave, we'll let the other forty eight in!"


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Judith Proctor

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