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To Trust a Friend

By Catherine
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            Avon watched as Blake's expression changed. Fear and hopelessness were replaced by puzzlement which was chased away by a dawning realization. Avon again, felt his cheeks flush. So now he knows. The question that remains is now up to him.


            Avon looked down to see that Blake had taken hold of his hands. Glancing up through thick dark lashes, he saw no fear in Blake's eyes. They looked soft and inviting. As soft as Blake's full lips that were parted as if he were breathing heavily.


            "Avon?" Blake's voice was husky and it sent a shiver down the smaller man's spine. "Kiss me?"


            Blake asked as though he expected to be refused. But Avon smiled disarmingly and leaned forward, brushing the Blake's lips ever so gently, a hand stealing upwards to tangle in riotous curls. After a moment, Avon pulled back, not wanting to be too aggressive when Blake was obviously unable, or unwilling, to deny him. The rebel's skin was so warm to the touch. Avon himself, was sweating hot and cold. He was so aroused that he was afraid. Afraid for Blake. Please be sure, Blake. Because I don't think I can keep restraining myself.  Blake  seemed to sense his unease and he pulled Avon closer to whisper into his ear. "I need you, Avon. Stay with me?"


            Avon smiled softly and Blake was clearly struck by the dark dangerous beauty of his companion.


            "Of course, Roj."


            Avon leaned close, feathering kisses along the larger man's jaw from ear to mouth. Tracing the full lips with his tongue, he pressed tighter as Blake's mouth opened beneath him. Avon heard himself moan as he felt Blake's erection pushing hard against his thigh. As he broke away, struggling for breath, Blake gasped out.


            "You called me `Roj.'  Twice." His face was oddly triumphant.


            "That is your personal name and these are intimate circumstances, are they not?"


            "Oh yes, they are indeed," Blake replied hotly.


            Avon's heart skipped a beat at the passion underlying Blake's words. And his ensuing actions as he flipped Avon over, raising himself to look down into Avon's eyes. Lowering himself, Blake pressed his lips to Avon's, taking his breath away. The slender man, awash in sensation, barely noticed as the layers of leather separating them were being peeled away. He gasped as his shirt was yanked off, followed immediately by his pants. Impatient, are we not? I thought this was my idea in the first place. But he was content to let Blake take the lead. For now.


            Avon looked up into soft brown eyes, sinking his hands into the other man's curls, pulling him down into a searing kiss. As Blake's questing tongue invaded his mouth, Avon sucked, causing him to moan in surprised pleasure.


            Avon watched Blake through half-slitted eyes as the rebel placed tiny kisses and bites across his chest, stroking his highly sensitized body with his luxuriant curls. He gritted his teeth and struggled to remain still, not wanting to lose Blake's touch for even a moment.


            "Blake. Don't"


            Blake stopped pausing to breathe softly into Avon's navel, making the smaller man twist deliciously beneath him.




            There was a mischievous smile on Blake's face and it made Avon decidedly uneasy. He glared back at his lover.




            As Blake opened his mouth to protest his partner's lack of honesty, Avon pushed hard, tumbling them over until he rested atop Blake.  Tracing a finger down Blake's face, he caressed lips, moving down and across the broad, baby-soft skin of his chest. Blake squirmed and Avon flashed an evil smile.


            "Who is ticklish now?"


            Capturing Blake's hands, Avon held them above his head as he licked his way across the silky skin. Reaching a nipple, he bit down gently, Blake's sharp intake of breath echoing in his ears. Raising himself up, he looked down upon a fantasy fulfilled.


            Blake's face was flushed with excitement, lips parted and eyes clouded by desire. Avon felt his much-denied heart swell. It's already too late for me. I love you, Blake. I may never admit it to you, but I do. He continued to stare down at his lover, turning his head slightly as Blake reached up to brush his fingertips across Avon's cheek.




            Avon smiled at the hidden question in the other man's voice. Bringing Blake's wrist to his lips, he spoke gently, breath tickling Blake's sensitive skin.


            "Do you want to go on?"


            Avon looked away until he felt warm hands enclose his face, forcing him to match the larger man's gaze. Blake's eyes were liquid tenderness, swirled with desire.


            "Yes. I want you."


            Those few words, softly but firmly spoken, made Avon's world spin out of control. Pressing the length of his body to Blake's,  he traced his hands down Blake's back to his ass. Seizing the round buttocks, he ground their erections together, Blake's moans filling his ears. Gasping with excitement, Avon pulled back, slipping between Blake's heavily muscled legs and taking his cock in hand. Stroking slowly, he watched the man's arousal build. But if he was going to continue...


            "Roj. Do you have any lubricant?"


            Blake, distracted by Avon's question, stared at him in exasperation. When Avon showed no intention of resuming his activities, Blake groaned and reached for the bedside table. Retrieving a small tube, he turned to his expectant partner. Avon opened his hand to receive it but Blake ignored his outstretched hand, squeezing the cream into his own. Leaning in for a kiss, he closed his fist around Avon's aching cock, slicking it down, the friction of his touch making his lover dizzy with mounting passion. Avon drew his hand away.


            "Stop. You're far too accomplished at that."


            Blake grinned innocently. "I thought that was the idea."


            Avon's eyes narrowed in mock ferociousness and Blake laughed. In response, Avon tugged on his curls and resumed his position between the rebel's legs. Transferring some of the moisture from his cock to his fingers, he carefully probed between Blake's buttocks until they achieved their goal. Easing one in past the muscular resistance, he watched for the man's reaction. Blake's erection begged for attention and he relaxed as Avon massaged the penis with his free hand. The slender tech was reassured by the jolt of pleasure that crossed Blake's face as his finger brushed the prostate. Slowly, Avon withdrew his finger and, pulling Blake's legs up to rest against his shoulders, replaced it with his cock.


            He winced, not only at the pressure around his buried organ, but at Blake's painful grip on his shoulders. Stilling all movement except that of his hand on his lover's cock, Avon looked down, concern written plainly on his features.


            "Blake, do you want me to stop?"


            Please don't say `yes.' I need you, Blake. But I don't want to hurt you. Avon leaned in, brushing his cheek against Blake's.




            Avon was trembling now, from his efforts to remain still, to refrain from thrusting. This isn't going to work, he thought in despair. Bracing himself to withdraw, he was shocked when Blake drew him forward, impaling himself completely on Avon's desire.


            "Yes," Blake sighed, all traces of pain gone from his face.


            Avon began to move, slowly thrusting, then picking up momentum as his partner lifted his hips up to meet him. Feverishly, he continued to pump Blake's throbbing penis. Together Blake. We'll finish it together. He gasped as Blake tightened on his cock, clenching tightly as the rebel spilled his fluid across their stomachs. But his cries of release were immediately joined by Avon's as he bathed Blake's insides. Avon collapsed across Blake, whose legs had slipped down so that he was spread-eagled among the twisted bedclothes.


            As awareness returned to them both, Avon levered himself off, allowing Blake to breathe freely as he gathered him into his embrace.  Blake's big arms closed tightly around him in turn as Blake buried his face in Avon's neck.


            "Avon, I..."


            At Avon's inscrutable gaze, Blake faltered.


            Accept him, you idiot! screamed the voice in Avon's mind. He needs you as much as you need him. Combing a hand through the brown curls, Avon sighed.


            "What do you wish to say, Blake?"


            Blake was nervously chewing a finger and glanced away from Avon's penetrating gaze. Suddenly, Avon snatched the finger from his mouth, bringing it to his own lips. He licked delicately at the tip enjoying Blake's reaction.


            "I love you."


            Avon froze. Blake's face was deeply flushed and his eyes were wide, innocently trusting. Avon's heart was pounding as he looked helplessly at the rebel. Can I give you that kind of control? I would be giving you my soul. Again, he found himself sinking deeply into Blake's gaze, enraptured by the gentle love and compassionate caring that seemed so much a part of the man. Avon's words were whispered so faintly, Blake barely heard them.


            "As I you."


            Blake's embrace was fiercely protective and Avon shivered in his arms, tightening his own grip on the rebel's shoulders.


            "I thought I was supposed to be comforting you," Avon complained, wondering at how fast the tables had turned in their relationship but not really minding.


            Blake lazily stroked a hand down the smaller man's back, making him shiver in anticipation.


            "I decided to return the favour. Any objections?"


            Avon considered all his self-proclaimed reasons for staying on Liberator, for opposing Blake's authority... and how it felt to be held by him, embraced by his powerful arms. Even without the sex, he had been trapped by his unadmitted love for the rebel leader. And now he had admitted it, at least to Blake. No, he had no objections. This was where he belonged. He smiled in realization and reached up to trace Blake's full lips with a fingertip.


            "Love me, Roj."


            Blake's smile was blinding in intensity as he bent to kiss his lover.


            "I do, Avon. I do."



                                    We are the music-makers

                                    And we are the dreamers of dreams,

                                    Wandering by lone sea-breakers,

                                    And sitting by desolate streams;

                                    World-losers and world forsakers,

                                    On whom the pale moon gleams;

                                    Yet we are the movers and shakers

                                    Of the world forever, it seems.

                                                                        Arthur O Shaughnessy

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