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New Discoveries

By Catherine
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Alone on the flight deck, the frustrated rebel no longer knew what to do. Avon refused to talk to anyone, including him. He only emerged from his cabin to take his shift, ignoring all attempts at conversation.


He turned to find Cally watching him.

"You must speak to Avon. He refuses to listen to any of us and he must eventually come to grips with whatever is troubling him."

"What makes you think that he will listen to me?"

"You are the only one that he has ever listened to," Cally admitted, "and it's up to you to help him if you can."

Blake sighed and turned away.

Cally smiled and rested her hands on the burly rebel's shoulders for a moment.

"Why don't I take the rest of your shift?"

Blake grinned. Cally was such a mother hen.

"You don't need to ask twice. Thank you, Cally."

Blake gave her a swift hug and hurried off the flight deck.

"Zen, report status."

"Status is firm," Zen intoned.

Cally sat down. She hoped that Blake and Avon could get themselves sorted out. She could feel their confusion when it came to their feelings for each other and those feelings had only intensified since their escape from Travis. Avon had been walking a thin line with Blake and either that line would be crossed or they would have to go their separate ways. The strain of maintaining their fašade was beginning to tell, especially on Avon, who was not that emotionally stable to begin with. Perhaps now things could be settled, one way or the other. Silently, Cally wished them luck.

~ ~ ~


Avon turned and regarded Blake silently.

"I thought you might want to talk."

"What do you wish to discuss, Blake?"


"There is nothing to discuss."

Blake smiled.

"I disagree. Something is bothering you and it has to do with our capture, doesn't it?"

"No," Avon said and looked away.

"I don't believe you."

"Believe what you wish, Blake. You always do," Avon replied angrily, standing up and moving towards his desk.

Blake reached out to grab his arm but hesitated. How would Avon respond? As he tentatively touched his shoulder, the slender tech flinched, grabbing his hand.

"Don't, Blake," Avon ground out between clenched teeth.


He looked at Blake in surprise. "What do you want from me, Blake?"

Blake looked carefully at Avon and said, " I have a question for you. Why does my presence threaten you?"

Dark eyes flashed as he scornfully replied. "You don't threaten me."

"You know what I think, Avon?"

"I cannot imagine," Avon responded dryly.

"I think I can threaten you because you care about me. You seem to feel that caring is a weakness, Avon. It's not, but you are afraid to care for others and that is a weakness in itself, for it leaves you alone."

Blake watched Avon as he turned away, pacing across the room.

"Please, Blake," Avon finally whispered, "leave me."

Blake's heart filled with despair. How could Avon shut him out? Especially after what happened with Travis. Maybe if reason wouldn't sway him, anger would. He reached out seizing Avon's arms in his powerful grasp and shoving him back hard against the wall. Avon's eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed in fury.

"Let me go, Blake," Avon hissed, struggling wildly against the hands pinning him to the wall.

Blake watched this display with interest. "Why should I, Avon? If you don't care, why should I?"

"Damn you, Blake. Of course I care," Avon snarled.

Suddenly he gasped. Blake's hold had loosened and he was staring at Avon in shock. Avon felt himself tremble and closed his eyes, willing himself to stand still. His heart was pounding with fear at what he had almost said. He loved Blake! He always had but, until those horrible hours with Travis, he had been unable to admit it, even to himself. Now he knew and it made him afraid, for himself and for Blake. And how was he to deal with the rebel after what Travis had done to him and all in front of Blake? The memory of such loss of control made him shiver in remembered fear.

Meanwhile, Blake could not believe what he was seeing, the emotion on the smaller man's face. He really cared for him! Gazing into his friend's tortured expression, all Blake wanted to do was to hold and comfort him. Blake reached out and pulled the now unresisting tech into his arms.

"Then let me help. I won't hurt you, Avon. I know what Travis did to you. I had to watch it, aching for you. I understand very well how it feels to be helpless at another's feet."

Avon stiffened but, after a few moments, his arms slipped around burly shoulders and he buried his face against the rebel's broad chest. Blake's grip tightened and Avon lifted his face to see him gazing down at him. As hard black eyes met soft brown ones, Blake lowered his head to brush his lips softly across sculpted ones. Avon's defenses crumbled under the tantalizing pressure of Blake's lips on his. He gave in to the bear-like embrace and responded eagerly to Blake's passionate kisses. Blake tore his lips away, burying his face in Avon's silky hair, breathing in the heady, intoxicating scent of him. Avon's hands soon tangled in Blake's curls, pulling him back and capturing his mouth in a searing kiss.

Blake was gasping for breath. He wanted Avon so badly, he could wait no longer. He slid a hand across Avon's chest, hearing him moan as Blake's fingertips brushed his nipples through the black silk shirt. With a hard yank, Blake tore the shirt open, sliding it off Avon's shoulders.

"You are so beautiful," Blake whispered huskily, gently caressing his lover's face with his fingertips.

Avon blushed slightly and reached for Blake's shirt, deftly removing it. Letting it drop to the floor, Avon stroked a hand across his broad hairless chest then bent his head, brushing his lips over Blake's chest until they rested against a nipple which he licked delicately. The larger man moaned softly and Avon slipped his hands inside Blake's pants, claiming his already erect organ. Too aroused now to stop, Avon abandoned his fears, trusting in this idealist who refused to abandon him, no matter what the provocation.

"Is this what you want, Blake?" Avon whispered softly, his breath tickling bare skin with a sensuality that left Blake trembling with desire.

Sweat dripped down Blake's face, flushed with arousal.

"Please, Avon."

"What do you want, Blake? This?" Avon's hand deftly stroked the considerable length of the rebel's hardened shaft. As his lover's breathing became more ragged, Avon spoke again with a faint smile on his perfectly curved lips.

"Do you want me to stop?"

Blake shook his head. "No," he gasped. But to Avon's surprise, the rebel grabbed his wrists and pulled the tormenting hands away. At Avon's questioning look, Blake smiled and kissed the tech's finely chiseled lips. When they finally broke apart, Avon was gasping for breath, his organ hard and throbbing between his thighs.

Blake sat on the bed, pulling the smaller man down with him. Pushing him onto his back, Blake moved over him, rubbing bare flesh together, caressing Avon's face with his fingertips as he plundered his mouth with his probing tongue. Avon groaned, his hands sliding over Blake's hips, finding the clasps and pushing his pants down. Blake smiled at his impatience and squirmed out of the rest of his pants, reaching over to help Avon with his. Completely naked, all barriers discarded, they gazed at each other in innocent wonder.

"Roj," Avon whispered, tenderly brushing his fingertips across Blake's ruggedly handsome face. Blake captured Avon's hand and brought it to his lips, licking the sensitive pads.

Avon sighed. "I need you."

Blake tightened his embrace, overcome by feelings of tenderness and protectiveness towards the man in his arms. Avon was actually admitting his feelings for him, that he needed Blake as much as Blake needed him.

"Avon, I love you," Blake whispered, his voice husky in his lover's ear.

Blake pulled back so that he could see Avon's expression. A slight smile curved the tech's lips but his eyes were closed. Blake blew softly in his ear, nipping at the lobe. Avon's eyes opened wide at the sensation. Blake smiled at the affection revealed in his lover's dark eyes and leaned over, capturing his mouth while his hands caressed the length of Avon's slim body. Avon moaned softly, as his body responded to Blake's questing hands, his erection throbbing painfully. Releasing his lips, Blake laid a trail of kisses down the length of Avon's trembling body. Reaching his navel, Blake thrust his tongue inside, making Avon squirm deliciously beneath him.

"Blake, please," Avon gasped.

"What, Avon? It's your turn now. What do you want? Do you want me to stop?" Blake asked mischievously.

Avon's face was burning red and his body was flushed with the intensity of his desire. His desire for Blake. He reached up and, brushing his lips against Blake's smooth cheek, whispered sweetly, "If you don't take me now, you will have cause to regret it."

Blake grinned, brushing Avon's damp hair from his eyes.

"As my lord and master commands."

Before Avon could respond, Blake had lifted his legs to rest against his shoulders. Gently stroking his hands along Avon's inner thighs, Blake eased into his lover's body. Avon gasped with shock, and not a little pain. Blake stopped at the sound, concern written plain on his features.


"It's all right. Don't stop."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Roj. Go ahead. I want it, too."

Blake ever so slowly eased himself in until he was fully enclosed within his lover's body. God, it felt so good, to be finally able to share this with Avon. Blake held still, shaking with his effort at control, to keep from thrusting. But he was afraid of hurting Avon. He remembered the fear he had felt under Travis's control and knew that Avon could not have forgotten either. He shivered.


Avon was smiling now, relaxed, and Blake felt that he must either move or explode. He thrust gently and felt Avon move with him. Gasping at the intensity of his pleasure, the feel of Avon tight around his aching penis, Blake thrust harder. As his pleasure built, he reached down to claim Avon's enflamed organ, pumping it in rhythm with his own frenzied thrusts. Avon bucked as the rebel leader's incredible touch took him to the edge. He dug his hands deeply into Blake's shoulders as he convulsed in ecstasy, screaming Blake's name in complete abandonment. The intense convulsions of Avon's orgasm turned Blake's whimpers to a roar of passion as he came, filling Avon's body as he had his heart. Trembling, Blake collapsed, exhausted. Rolling over, he released Avon from his weight, pulling the tech against him. After a few minutes, Avon turned slowly to regard Blake with his usually analytic stare.


"Mmm?" Blake opened his eyes sleepily.

"Why, Blake?" Avon's voice was soft, his eyes averted, and there was a wistful quality to it that Blake had never heard before.

"Kerr, I love you. I don't need any other reason."

Avon rested his head on Blake's chest, feeling himself able to relax.

"Roj, I..." Avon choked on the words, the intensity of his emotions. He had thought he would never care, much less love, again.

"I know, Kerr, I know." Blake enfolded Avon in his long arms, holding him tightly, stroking comfortably. He hoped that Avon had indeed realized and accepted their love for each other. For together, they were invincible. And no one was ever going to separate them. Avon returned Blake's embrace with equal strength, burying his face in his lover's neck. Everything would be all right. No matter what happened, he and Blake would be together, forever.


All thoughts, all passions, all delights
Whatever stirs this mortal frame,
All are but ministers of Love,
And feed his sacred flame.
S. T. Coleridge

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