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Conversion to the faith

By Helen Patrick
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Blake examined the contents of the shop window. His attention had been attracted by an unusual colour combination, one he associated with a particular product. And there it was, a box of the exotic and expensive sweets that Avon was so fond of. Revoltingly sweet, in his opinion, but then Avon was a geek, and by definition had peculiar tastes. Perhaps a box would sweeten Avon's disposition, although that would require quite a large box. At least, that's what he would tell Avon when he presented him with them. Telling Avon the real reason would certainly not sweeten Avon's disposition.


"I saw these, and thought of you," he said, presenting the box with a flourish. "Even you might be a little sweeter with that much sugar inside you."

"I doubt it." But Avon smiled as he said it, accepting the box graciously. "Thank you. I would offer you one, but I know you have no taste."

"Just because I don't like it so laden with sugar I can't taste anything else." Only one insult, so Avon must be pleased. "Anyway, I bought them for you. They're all yours. Better hide them before Vila wanders in."

Avon caressed the box, running a fingertip around it. "Do you know, when I was young I used to dream of having a box that I didn't have to share to show how polite I was." He reverently lifted the lid off the box, admired the contents. Blake had to admit they looked pretty enough, multi coloured jellies softly gleaming in the light. "I still get a kick out of not having to share."

"Well, you needn't worry about me demanding my share. Far too sweet for me."

Avon glanced at him. "Whereas I can't understand how you can eat that dark chocolate."

"Ah, but I have a taste for the dark and bitter."

Avon smiled slightly. "And were you planning to indulge yourself tonight?"

"I'm afraid the shop didn't stock any dark chocolate." Let Avon wonder, a little.

"Ah well. I would share, but since you don't like them..." Avon picked up one of the jellies, and held it up to the light. "Did you have a reason to buy these, or did it just seem like a good idea at the time?"

"Just my interest in history showing through." No harm in saying that much; after all, even if Avon knew what today's date was in the old calendar, would he realise its significance?

"You are interested in the oddest things." Avon popped the jelly into his mouth.

He took advantage of Avon being temporarily speechless, and looked him up and down. "Aren't I just?" Then he walked out before Avon had the chance to swallow the jelly and say something back. It would be a pity if Avon wasted the expensive sweet just to get the last word.


Blake walked into his quarters, glad to have finished his shift on time. He had plans for the evening.

There was a parcel on his bed, wrapped in brown paper. Curious, he stripped off the paper, and lifted off the lid of the box inside. Chocolate. The best chocolate you could buy -- or steal. He shook the box gently, judging its weight. There must be at least a kilogram in here!

There was also a note. Unsigned, but it was typical Avon.

"Could you, perhaps, restrict your identification with the saint to his patronage of a lovers' festival, and not his martyrdom?"

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Helen Patrick

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