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What Price Victory?

By Catherine
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"All right, Avon. Why don't you want me to go down with you? Back-up could be useful. Someone to watch your back while you work."

His silence was unnerving as he walked around my cabin, touching the books on my shelf, the wall-hanging of Earth. I watched him move with easy grace, uncomfortably aware of his body. He reminded me of a vistape I had seen of an Earth cat called a panther. It was dark, sleek, and powerful, dangerous when frightened or aroused. As I was by Avon's presence. Dragging my eyes away for a moment, I felt the old anger building; why did Avon have to make everything so difficult. Using the anger as a shield, I moved to his side, grabbing his arm, spinning him round to face me.

"What the Hell are you up to, Avon?"

I knew I was being unreasonable now. I shouldn't have grabbed him either. I could feel the tension radiating through the slim figure before me. And I felt a moment's fear. Avon looked ready to attack and I tensed up, ready to defend myself if necessary. I waited, staring into those dark, turbulent pools, watching the emotions rage through them.

"Don't touch me, Blake. Do you understand?"

I felt the red heat of embarrassment flush my face. Had it been only the anger or had the desire crept through, inciting my action. I couldn't keep his penetrating gaze any longer. This had been a mistake. Avon would never reveal the true reason for his decision to go down. I would simply have to go with him. The shock of a hand in my hair caused my head to jerk up. Avon? I stared. He was looking at me strangely, eyes narrowed in concentration. And his hand was still tangled in my curls, forcing me to meet his penetrating gaze. This was ridiculous! Just as I was about to jerk my head away, he released me, stepping closer. I backed up slightly, pressing lightly against the wall of my cabin. A faint smile graced his lips. He was so close that we were almost touching. I couldn't watch him; what the Hell did he think he was doing?

"Avon, this isn't funny."

He raised an eyebrow at that. "Perhaps not. So this is why you don't me to go down alone. How long have you felt this way about me?"

Past the roaring in my ears, the desperate pounding in my heart, I realized that there was little point in lying now. Disgusted or not, Avon would leave Liberator once he was out of danger of the Federation. He would go long and far from me, as he had always claimed. So what did it matter now? I opened my mouth and took what I hoped would be a calming breath, glancing away as I started to speak.

"For too long. I can't tell you when it started. I don't know. It was gradual but I knew when we were on the planet of the Decimas, when they used the shock stick on you." I gritted my teeth. And felt cool hands in my hair. One slipped down to my cheek, forcing my eyes to meet his.

"It took that long for you?"

I couldn't believe it. The expression on his face. Never had I seen Avon so open, so caring. Did he meanOe?

"What do you mean?"

A slight sigh escaped those soft lips. "You require a demonstration?"

I couldn't believe it. Avon's body pressed tightly to mine, pressing me hard against the wall, trapped between the cool surface of the wall and the hot, equally hard body in front of me. I gazed down in wonder as Avon tilted his head up, brushing his lips against mine. I gasped at the sensation, long imagined, but better in reality than dreams, warmer, more demanding. My lips parted of their own accord and Avon's tongue traced their surfaces before delving within, possessing my mouth. When he broke the kiss, releasing me, I almost stumbled away from the wall. I had no words to say. I wanted him, needed him, but I wasn't sure either of us was ready for this. I think he saw my indecision. He took my hand and pulled me towards the bed, pushing me down and sitting beside me. He released my hand, clasping his in his lap. His eyes flickered sideways at me, returning to contemplate his own hands.

"You asked why I wished to go down; why I don't want you with me. That was your answer, Blake. I don't want to lose you, don't want you to end up a martyr to your damn cause. I... refuse to let the Federation win. Your death would give them that victory."

"You exaggerate my importance to the rebellion, Avon. It will go on without me. I have no role to play in Avalon's proposed government. I don't want one. All I want now is for the Federation to end, and some peace for us after, somewhere far from politics and government."

Avon stared at me, his gaze gentle.

"I'm glad that's what you want. I hope we get the chance to try it but I don't intend to allow you to risk your life for it."

He pressed his fingers to my lips, stopping my words of protest. "Don't. I know you won't let me go down myself. Very, well, we go together then and watch each other's backs."

I opened my mouth to agree, then Avon's lips crushed down on mine. His hands found mine, pressing me back on the bed with the weight of his body. He pulled my hands above my head, gripping the wrists, trapping me beneath him. I gasped as he bit at my lips, my neck. Love bites were followed by licking and sucking. I squirmed under his weight when his knee slid between my thighs, pressing hard against my throbbing cock. Bucking hard, I managed to roll us over. Staring down into his eyes, I saw his submission. He wanted this, wanted me on top. I gathered both his wrists into one hand, stretching them above his head, trailing kisses along his jaw while my other hand worked at removing the silk shirt he wore. Underneath, the skin was pale, dusted with a covering of soft black hair. Releasing his wrists, I bent lower, brushing my lips across a nipple. He moaned in response, my weight, still on his lower body, preventing him, from squirming too much. His hands tangled in my hair, stroking, tugging, fingers tracing along the edges of my ears. I shivered, rubbing my face against his hard muscled stomach, breath hot against his skin.

"Yes," he moaned softly, his hips pressing up against me.

I wanted it too, so much.

"Blake." His voice was so soft. "This would be better without clothes, don't you think?"

I smiled down at him, and sat up, sliding my own shirt off while I watched him remove shirt, shoes, and pants. Looking up at me, he frowned and paused in his actions, obviously waiting for me to finish. My hands were shaking as I removed my own pants, hesitating when it came to my briefs. I glanced over at Avon who was watching me intently. Or watching my body anyways. I couldn't help but flush at the scrutiny. His eyes traveled down my chest to my waist and stopped, flicking back up to my face. The smile he gave me was sweet but with a wicked glint.

"A little late for secrets, Blake, don't you think?"

I swallowed thickly, blood pounding in my veins. He inclined his head at my silence, reaching down to remove the last bit of covering from his body. He was beautiful, an abstract collection of dark hair and pale skin, and he was waiting for me. Licking his lips, he stepped to my side.

"Shy, Fearless Leader?"

Strong hands closed around my waist, grasping and pulling away my last refuge. I felt the cool air on my exposed erection. It only made it harder, or it could have been Avon's proximity.

I felt a little uncomfortable under his scrutiny. After all, I was a good deal heavier, not so slim and lithe as he. Steeling myself, I reached out a hand to cup his face, brushing my thumb across his soft lips. He pressed his face into the caress, reaching out himself, pulling me against him.

"You're so warm." I could feel the heat coming off him in waves, warming me, warming my cock which was pressed hard against his hip. He laughed lightly.

"Beautiful, Blake. You feel so good."

His arms squeezed tightly and I returned the embrace with all my strength. I was beautiful to him! I would once have sold my soul to hear him speak those words to me. I doubted that I would hear words of love from Avon, he didn't seem inclined to sentiment, but this was enough. His lips again found mine, tongues entwining, as we lay back on the bed, Avon sprawled across my chest, fingers rubbing, caressing. He brushed against a nipple and I shivered, thrusting up against him. My cock ached, desperate for release.

"Avon, please,' I whispered, needing him, needing something, anything. Abruptly, he left off his attentions and slipped from the bed.

I was startled, a sinking feeling in my chest, wondering what I had said or done to cause him to abandon me.

Just as I was about to follow him, he returned from my bathroom, a tube of massage oil in his hands. He was rubbing it between his hands, warming it. I knew my eyes widened. His answering smile was predatory, seductive. He knelt beside me, spilling some of the oil into his palms. I nearly fainted with pleasure as his hands closed around my cock. It was exquisite. It was agony. I groaned, throwing my head back, gasping at the sensations created by those talented hands. His mouth came down hard on mine, tongue thrusting then withdrawing. He licked at my lips, leant over to kiss the tip of my cock, and released me. The tube appeared in my hands and Avon, dark dangerous Avon, lay on his stomach beside me, legs spread, his demand obvious. Gently, I trailed my fingers down his spine, stopping just above the cleft.

"Are you sure, Avon?"

His head turned slightly, resting against his forearms.

"Yes, Blake. I'm sure," he replied with a hint of exasperation.

"I'm very sure," I whispered into his ear, feeling him tremble with anticipation. Spilling the oil across his back, I massaged it in, moving from shoulders to buttocks, relaxing his too tense muscles. Adding a bit more oil, I traced along the cleft lightly. Then harder, pressing through to the delicate flesh between. Avon moaned softly, pressing back against my probing fingers. One hand against the small of his back to restrain him, I carefully inserted one finger. For a second, he clenched up, tight around it. But I wiggled it slightly and he slowly loosened, allowing another finger to enter. Sensing his enjoyment, I probed deeper, rewarded when he gasped, trying to thrust back.

"Now, Blake. I'm ready now."

But I was still a little nervous. My cock is not exactly average sized, neither am I, and I was worried about hurting him.

"Tell me if I'm hurting you," I instructed him as I removed my fingers.

"If you don't do something soon, you'll kill me."

I grinned at his impatience but I felt it too, the aching to fill him as great as his need to be filled. Pressing a kiss to the damp hair at the base of his neck, I slowly pressed into him. He was so tight, almost painful as he clamped down instinctively. I paused, about half-way in, waiting for him to relax, stroking his neck, his sides. Slowly the tightness decreased to the point where I could thrust again. This time Avon accepted me all the way, whispering my name, holding me deep inside him.

Gasping, I rested against him, hoping he could feel the pounding of my heart against his back. This is what you do to me, Avon, I thought. When I thrust again, he pushed back to meet me. Supporting myself on one hand, the other snaked under him, grasping his erection, pumping it in time with my thrusts. I could hear him groaning my name, gasping for breath as we both raced towards orgasm. I could feel the extra tensing of his muscles just before his choked off cry. Then his muscles clamped down hard and I went over the edge, spilling my love inside him, collapsing against him, everything dark but safe, comforting.

When I became aware of my surroundings, I was lying on top of Avon. I knew I must be heavy for him, so I pulled out slowly, rolling over, pulling him with me to lie draped over me, like a living blanket. I wondered how he would react now, to what we had done, had said. But he didn't say anything, just tightened his arms around me and went to sleep, head buried in my shoulder.

I think that was the greatest gift he ever could have given me. He trusted me that much. I watched him sleep for a while, then drifted off myself. I would keep Avon safe, go down with him. If I were to die the next day, at least I'd have this to take with me.

* * *

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