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The Temptation

By Catherine
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Blake woke confused, staring down at himself He had regained consciousness, expecting pain and discomfort. His stomach ached, not surprising as he hadn't eaten in days. But the rest of his body was remarkably pain-free. He was also dressed in a black jumpsuit that hugged his frame, not the tattered remains of his own clothes. He slipped a hand inside the top. His ribs felt fine. A quick look revealed pale skin free of the bruises that had marked it. So he had been fixed up. Why? By now they would know that the information he gave was useless. The logical result should have been his death. Why waste time patching him up?

He stood as the door opened. A public execution would be a mistake, making him into a martyr. The Federation wouldn't want that, so what....

Mutoids! He stepped back instinctively, despite the fact that he was fully aware that he wouldn't have been fixed up to serve as their lunch.

"You will come with us."

The taller one gestured with its gun and Blake had no real choice but to follow. Curiosity and trepidation mixed as he walked between them. The route was unfamiliar and the lift they used took them up several levels. Another few turns and the shorter one pressed a door chime. The door slid open and the three of them went inside. The door slid shut.

"Servalan." Blake stated coldly, a chill invading his heart. He hadn't expected this. No simple execution then. She would have something else in mind, not inclined to personally sully her hands with something so bloody.

"Blake." She acknowledged him with a nod of her exquisitely shaped head. She was reclining on a couch, clad in a long white dress that revealed as much as it concealed. The room itself was decorated entirely in white, a large white bed could be seen on the far side of the suite. He raised an eyebrow. Servalan smiled in response. Not very comforting, he thought.

"I'm pleased to find you looking better than the last time I saw you." Her smile widened at Blake's look of puzzlement.

"Oh, you wouldn't remember. You were unconscious. Pity, the officer responsible has had cause to regret it." Rising to her feet, she came closer. "Are you fully recovered?"

Did her voice hold a hint of real concern? What was she planning that required him in good condition?

"Yes, I feel fine, despite your warm welcome." Cautiously, he glanced back at the mutoids.

"Don't worry. They have orders not to harm you, at least not too much." She smiled and Blake pulled his attention back to her. "I'm here to make you an offer, Blake."

"There's nothing I can tell you that you don't already know."

"Did I say the offer involved information?" Blake's eyebrow rose.

"I'm listening."

"You're a dead man, Blake." She laughed at the anger in his eyes. "The Federation has no intention of letting you rejoin your rebels or of mindwiping you into a model citizen. But I think you could still be useful. Useful to me, at least."

"How? And why should I agree to anything?"

"Well, you don't really have a choice, Blake. I intend to take what I want."

"Which is?"


Blake's eyes narrowed and he took an involuntary step back. But Servalan followed, a delicate hand reaching up to stroke his cheek. He flinched as her nails scraped against the skin but remained where he was. silent.

"It doesn't excite you, Blake? Being here at my command, to satisfy my desires?"

Blake swallowed hard, his face flushing as he felt his cock stirring. Strong Mutoid arms held his, preventing escape. A hand brushed him, cupping his sex, and he bit back a moan, closing his eyes.

"Yes, I can see that it does."

"Let me go." Blake was glad that his voice didn't tremble.

"Why? We're both enjoying this." Servalan's voice was seductively soft, close, words whispered into his ear. His eyes opened wide.

"No." Angrily, Blake pulled at the arms that held him. "Amuse yourself with someone else. I'm sure you have many volunteers."

"If you don't cooperate, I'll take what I want." Stormy eyes glared down at Servalan as she continued to fondle him. "It's been a while, hasn't it, Blake, since you've had the pleasure of sex."

No response.

"It doesn't matter." She continued her tormenting massage. "You were drugged, you know." Her voice was almost conversational. "It affects the sex drive, increases it, focuses your desires on the person who first arouses you under its influence." Her pleased expression grew at the horror in his eyes. "Soon you'll be quite addicted to me."


"Because I wanted to."

Blake inwardly cringed away from the truth of her words. He could feel his body's increasing response. He wanted her, couldn't help wanting her, regardless of what he knew her to be. He struggled against the arms that held him, wanted to be anywhere but with her.

"You can't escape." Blake stopped his futile struggles and stared off over her shoulder, trying to will away the response of his body to her proximity. "But you still want to, don't you? We'*ll have to do something about that." She gestured to the mutoids and they dragged their unwilling captive toward the bed.

Blake struggled to breathe as he was forced face first down onto the bed. His clothes were roughly removed, his flesh crawling at the feeling of vulnerability, of helplessness.

"Don't be too rough, I do so want him to enjoy this." Blake felt a hand on the small of his back, nails scratched lightly down to his buttocks, one finger tracing into the cleft. His body ached with tension, waiting.... The finger was withdrawn.

"Turn him over and tie him. Then leave us. Hands tugged him onto his back, stretching his arms wide, almost to the point of pain, before securing them to the edge of the bed. Naked and totally helpless, still aroused and aching, he glared up at Servalan. The mutoids left the room and she sat beside him, playing with the fine hairs along his upper thigh.

"You seem eager," she mused.

"I seem to have little choice," he snapped.

"Would you prefer a gag?" She asked sweetly, looking pleased when he remained silent. "I thought not." Leaning down, she pressed her mouth to Blake's, tongue slipping out to trace along his tightly closed lips. One hand settled on his chest, brushing a nipple before pinching hard.

A gasp opened Blake's lips, letting Servalan's tongue in. His arms strained at his bonds, he barely felt the pain as he struggled for air, Servalan taking his breath into her own lungs until his vision swam.

"Beautiful, my captive." She whispered, both hands busy at his nipples. His chest arched upwards, his body seeking the sensations his mind recoiled from. His eyes squeezed shut.

Suddenly, the wonderful, tormenting hands were gone. His eyes flew open. Servalan was standing at the foot of the bed, hands at the shoulder clasps of her dress. Her eyes stared deep into his, holding his gaze as her dress slipped to the floor. His eyes dropped then, taking in the loveliness of her body, milky white skin, pubic hair a dark contrast, veiling the pleasure she could give him. The release that his body now desperately craved. She caressed her own breasts, fingering her rosy nipples before drifting lower.

Blake moaned, muscles in his thighs twitching. Impossible that he should crave this, crave Servalan, want her to take him, but he did. "Please."

Her hands stilled and she came closer, kneeling on the bed between his legs.

"Please what?" Blake's eyes closed in shame. He felt her hand on his leg, damp with her own arousal His chest ached. Her hands were both on him now, he could feel her legs pressing against the sensitive skin of his inner thighs. A hand cupped his aching balls.

"Yessss." He hissed, as she rolled them, her other hand coming up to encircle his cock. "Not quite yet." A tightness closed round his cock and balls and Blake struggled to see what Servalan had done. A black leather cockring encircled him, restraining him yet again. His head fell back against the bed, as she started to stroke at his cock, circling the head with her thumb. His breathing sounded harsh in his own ears, Servalan's amused laughter bringing rage to the fore.

"Angry, Blake?" She mocked teasingly, tickling at his balls until his eyes closed.

"Don't ..." he whispered. He wanted so desperately to come, for the excitement that was almost pain to end. "You.. .want me to beg?"

"The idea has a certain appeal." The voice was mocking but the gaze that looked down on him was indulgent and Blake dared to hope that subservience was what she craved.

"Please, Servalan." He swallowed, fighting the part of him that wanted to refuse her, going with the long hidden part of him that had always wanted to give in, to let someone else take control. "Take me."

"An order?" Her gaze was firm now and Blake shivered in anticipation.

"A.. .plea, Servalan, please."

"How could I refuse you," Servalan whispered, bending over for a brief kiss before rising up on her knees. She pressed down, taking him in one slow plunge. He cried out as the hot tightness of her body held him, wrapped him within her warmth. Gently at first, she moved, stroking herself on him. Her hands rested on his chest, occasionally tickling at a nipple as she teased him with her rhythm, never letting him get deep enough, never giving him the friction he needed for release. It was an exquisite agony, humiliating and wonderful, exciting and terrifying.

She moaned above him, head tossing as her movements picked up speed. She ground herself against him when suddenly the painful tightness around his genitals was gone. The hands on his chest clenched and Servalan gave a gasped cry as she came, her muscles clenching so hard Blake's climax exploded from him with a choked scream before he fainted.

* * *

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