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Snake Pit

By Catherine
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And then he was gone.

"Travis!" Blake screamed.

But there was no reply. Travis and the mutoids were gone. Blake began to tremble, the effects of the poison already running through his system, combining with his nightmare fears. He slumped against the boulder, gazing longingly at the dark figure across from him. The snakes had moved off after the disturbance of his fall and there was a relatively clear path between the two men. Avon rose carefully and cautiously approached the rebel, still cradling his broken wrist. Sinking to his knees beside Blake, he reached out, wrapping one arm around the big rebel holding tight with a desperation born of love. Blake leaned his head into the smaller man's shoulder.

"I'm so sorry."

A faint smile touched the comp tech's lips.

"It is not your fault, Roj. Lie still."

But Blake's tremors didn't cease and Avon could see he was fighting the pain. Small gasps escaped from between clenched teeth. And all Avon could do was to hold him against the pain, gently stroking his sweat-dampened curls. Several hours passed that way, in agonizing slowness.

Avon's wrist ached abominably, Blake's laboured breathing harsh in his ears. There was no sign of Travis or the mutoids.


The tech's attention focused intently on the man in his arms.

"I just want you to know... I love you. I always will."

The pain tore deep into Avon's soul. To have been given such a gift and have it taken away, the pain was unbearable. He turned away so that Blake would not see the anguish his words caused. Living even a moment without the rebel seemed impossible.


He stiffened.

"What?" Blake whispered.

"We are coming, Avon. Is Blake with you? I cannot reach him."

Avon concentrated hard on sending her an image of Blake.

"Do not worry. We will be there soon."

"I hope so, Cally. I hope so."

Avon held the now unconscious Blake all the tighter.

"Stay with me, Blake. Just a little longer."

* * *

Their rescue had been uneventful. Cally and Vila had appeared within minutes of the telepathic message. Vila had blanched at the sight of the snakes but Cally dropped two teleport bracelets down to Avon. They teleported up and left the system before Travis even knew they had escaped. It was touch and go with Blake for a few hours but ORAC's recommended treatment worked and within a few days he was up and around, taking his watches as usual. Avon's wrist was easily healed and the rest of the crew assumed that everything was back to normal. But Avon avoided Blake when alone, seeking him only in the presence of others. In return. Blake felt hurt. Avon knew how much he cared. He even admitted his own affection for Blake in return. So why the cold shoulder now? It was with these thoughts in mind that Blake decided to confront the comp tech. During Avon's off-shift, he went to his cabin.

"Avon. It's me, Blake."

"What do you want now?"

Blake'sighed at the antagonism in the other man's voice.

"To talk to you. Please, it is important."

Prepared for rejection, the rebel was surprised when the door slid open.

"Talk then," Avon said shortly, moving to stand as far away from Blake as possible. The rebel took a deep breath. Avon was obviously ready for bed, clad only in black silky pants. A faint blush covered his cheeks at Blake's prolonged stare.

"You came to talk, Blake," Avon stated, cursing himself for his nervousness.

"I wanted to thank you, Avon. The others told me how you sat by my side in medical. Talked me through the nightmares."

Blake paused, the memories resurfacing, his fear for Avon's life and his own fear and pain. He shivered uncontrollably until he felt a warm hand on his shoulder, guiding him to sit on the bed. He opened his eyes, finding a concerned look on his companion's face. In that one unguarded second, Blake realized the truth. Avon did love him but, paradoxically, he feared him. Because that love made him vulnerable, to betrayal and loss. Blake vaguely remembered being held tightly, his hair stroked, words of comfort. But he also remembered Avon's desperate "No!" His refusal to accept the rebel's imminent death. Even now the tech's expression reflected his concern for Blake. And the rebel saw it. Gently Blake brushed his fingers across Avon's cheek, his thumb against the tech's lips. Avon closed his eyes with a soft groan, long lashes resting on his cheeks but his hand left the big man's shoulder to cover the hand against his cheek, rubbing his face into the caress. Blake watched in amazement as Avon gripped his hand, opening his eyes as he planted a kiss in the centre of Blake's palm. His hand released, Blake pressed it to his own chest, his heart hammering.

"Avon, I..."

Two fingers pressed against his lips, stilling them. Avon was so close, heat radiated off him, making Blake tremble. Lips replaced the fingers, pressing lightly, tongue tracing the outline of Blake's full lips. He opened willingly, allowing Avon's lead. The tech continued the kiss as his hands slipped the larger man's shirt from his shoulders. Blake gasped as deft fingers brushed a nipple, breaking the kiss. Avon's mouth followed his fingers on a path that left the increasingly excited rebel breathless. He squirmed with every touch, his cock hard and aching within the confines of his trousers.

"Uncomfortable, Roj? Because this is what you are in for." Avon teased, squeezing at the bulge between Blake's legs.

"Avon, please," Blake panted. He didn't know how much longer he could take this. His body felt like it was on fire. Each touch sent tremors through his massive frame.

"Well, since you asked politely," Avon murmured. His hands abandoned their previous mission to remove Blake's constraining trousers. Freed from restraint, the rebel's cock begged for Avon's attentions. Avon admired its texture, so silky smooth yet hard as steel with arousal. But as he reached out to caress it fully, he felt gentle hands on his own buttocks, kneading. then pulling away his own pants. Blake smiled at the evidence of the comp tech's excitement. Blake reached down to stroke the tech's already rock-hard organ, his thumb circling the sensitive tip, watching his lover's face. Avon cried out, his hands clamping down on Blake's, pulling them away. The gaze he fixed on his partner was one of molten desire and Blake shivered in delicious anticipation. Avon's need for him sent a powerful thrill through his body. He reached out a hand, laying it against the pulse racing through Avon's neck.

"Make love to me, Kerr."

He held his breath. Would Avon run from such commitment? Or was he finally ready to accept the rebel's love. Avon's words, when finally spoken, were husky with restrained emotion.

"Oh yes, Roj. I intend to."

Blake's world spun away as Avon pushed him onto his back. Small hands clasped larger ones as Avon lay upon the burly rebel, crushing their bodies together. Blake moaned at the pressure against his groin, squirming under Avon's control. He stared up into the tech's eyes, dark pools of liquid desire. His body tensed to the feel of Avon spreading his legs, urging the rebel to rest them against his shoulders. Instead, Blake spread them wide, wrapping his feet around Avon's waist. The tech seemed mesmerized but he responded eagerly. One hand on Blake's cock, the other entered him gently. Blake tossed his head at the delightful sensation. Distracted, he barely noticed when the buried finger was replaced by something much larger and harder. But Avon's involuntary thrust was sudden and deep and, for a moment, Blake's pleasure turned to pain.

"Kerr, please. It hurts."

Avon held still, seeing the distress on his lover's face as well as his words. One hand brushed sweat-dampened curls away as soft lips pressed to Blake's temple.

"I'm sorry. Try to relax."

Avon's voice was strained with the effort to hold back. But he waited, until the tenseness passed from Blake's body. As the rebel relaxed, Avon thrust carefully, unwilling to hurt the man beneath him. This time the big man's groans were those of pleasure. His strong arms wrapped round Avon, puffing him tighter, deeper into the rebel. Avon continued to thrust, his cock created an unbearable friction against the rebel's prostate. Blake's muscles tightened.

"Almost there, love," Avon panted, sensing that Blake was reaching his limit. Then Avon brushed a fingertip across the big man's cock. Too much, it was too much for Blake. He screamed his release, his orgasm triggering Avon's.

"Blake!" Avon gasped out weakly, falling forward onto the rebel's trembling form.

Aftershocks rippled through the rebel's muscles, making both men shiver. Exhausted, still Blake held on to the smaller man, pulling him down to his side. The dark head lay on his chest, one arm resting across it. Pressing a kiss to silky black hair, he inhaled deeply, then relaxed, letting his eves close sleepily.

"Love you, Kerr," he mumbled.

And Avon watched as he slept, savouring the reassuring beat of his heart. Gently, so as not to wake the quietly snoring rebel, Avon took his hand. Bringing it to his lips, he kissed the small scar, the only physical reminder of Travis torture. The rebel muttered at the touch, shifting slightly.

"I love you, Roj Blake," Avon whispered, so softly that Blake would have been hard pressed to hear even if awake. His confession made, Avon settled down to sleep, stroking Blake's chest softly until he himself was asleep.

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