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Journey's End

By Paula
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Jenna Stannis pressed the buzzer for Blake's door and waited nervously for admission. There had been little time for conversation since she and Blake had finally met up with each other again, just one brief private conversation the first night she had come on board. There had been too much else to worry about then, as Tarrant had been shot and no one believed at first that he woul       She let him take the lead, knowing that being too aggressive might not be the right thing, not unless he wanted her to. He kissed her again and again, and his fingers undid her tunic, freeing her from it deftly. When his fingertips brushed across a bare nipple, she caught her breath sharply and made a little sound of pleasure. He led her to the bed and she lay back, drawing him down to her. Suddenly, he bent his head and took the nipple in his mouth, and her hands came up involuntarily, her fingers twining in his hair.

      "That's lovely," she breathed.

      While his mouth moved from one breast to the other, his hands were undoing the fastenings of her trousers and she lifted her hips to allow him to draw them down. She was caught up in the moment, wanting him to touch her, wanting to touch him, and it was almost impossible to remain passive under his exploration of her body. Cautiously, she began to touch him, slowly, carefully, tracing her fingers over his chest, around to his back, drawing her fingertips down to his buttocks and back up again, and she could feel his body tensing under her touch. Somehow, his reaction was almost as exciting as the pleasure she was feeling as his fingers slid up her thighs and touched her intimately. She moaned and arched her body, pressing herself up to reach his touch. She could think of nothing now but the pleasure he was giving her, then she remembered that this might not be helping Blake's problem, and she lifted her head to look at him. "That feels wonderful," she breathed. "But what about you? This isn't just for me." She slid away from his touch and rolled over, reaching for the fasteners of his robe.

      He was naked beneath it, and she stretched out a hand and touched his chest, tracing a finger down to his waist, her eyes moving lower. He had a partial erection, and she let her fingers glide lower, stopping just short of it. He sucked in his breath but didn't say anything. Jenna paused, tracing patterns on his belly and thighs, not yet touching his shaft. If she took it slow and didn't manage to remind him of his problem, he was going to be magnificent.

      "Lie back, Blake," she whispered. "Let me make it good for you."

      He obeyed, his breath coming hard and fast as she drew her fingernails up the insides of his thighs, finally cupping his balls. His hips bucked up when she did that, and he stiffened a little more. She was reasonably certain that he wasn't impotent any longer, if he had ever really been, but it might be harder to convince him of that, so she didn't rush, only continued to do what she was doing while she kissed his mouth and his throat and down his chest to a nipple, tonguing it slowly. He moaned.

      Her lips worked their way lower while her hand continued to stroke and squeeze his testicles, and by the time she had dropped below his waist, he was hard and firm, and it was all she could do to take it slowly. Her insides quivered from wanting him, but she forced herself to go a little at a time. "That's right, Blake," she said softly. "Easy now, yes." She leaned over him and blew gently on the tip of his erection, and he cried out and reached for her. Only then did she touch him there, and then so lightly he could hardly feel it. She stroked the hard length of him, and when he arched up, she took him in her hand and stroked him slowly.

      "Jenna, Jenna." He caught her wrist and speeded the pace. She let him guide her, then she bent and took him into her mouth, a little at a time until she took him all in. His hips jutted up, missing the rhythm of her movements at first, then catching them, and she brought him almost to the brink of climax, then backed off a little.

      "Please, Blake," she gasped, letting her hand continue the movements her mouth had made. "I don't want to wait any longer."

      She was surprised when he pulled her on top of him, but it was his choice, and when she was poised over him, straddling his body, she guided him into her and moaned as she felt him fill her up. She couldn't wait, pressing down against him. Blake arched up to meet her, his movements hard and urgent, and she matched her thrusts to him, letting him guide her. He chanted her name over and over, then suddenly his hands dropped to her hips and he pulled her tightly against him. She couldn't hold back any longer, and even as she came, she felt his climax only moments later. They clung together as the sensations peaked, then finally she collapsed against him, wrapping her arms around him.

      "If that's what it's like to be impotent," she whispered in his ear when she had finally caught her breath again, "I hope you never recover."

      He held her against him tightly, and she thought there were tears in his eyes. "Jenna, when I think of all the time we've wasted..."

      "Then we just won't waste any more." Smiling, she trailed her hand down across his belly and touched him lightly.

      "At least let me catch my breath," he protested, a laugh in his voice.

      "Only if you do it quickly," she retorted.

      The challenge caused him to react as she had hoped it would, and he rolled her over onto her back and began to kiss and caress her with renewed fervour. She responded to his every touch, whimpering when his hand came between her legs and stroked her there, moaning when his mouth caught a nipple.

      She retaliated, exhilarated by how quickly he was ready again. Perhaps he was making up for lost time, but she didn't care about the reason, only the fact that he was there with her creating such delicious sensations. Soon, his body was poised over hers and he thrust suddenly, this time moving more slowly, seeking to give her pleasure as well as himself. She came almost immediately, but he didn't stop, moving slowly, then quickening the pace as she began to respond again. Together, they moved, and she could feel his need growing, building, as her own desire intensified. Then he cried out and held her tight at the moment of his orgasm, and she clung to him and pressed her body to his, stroking his hair until both of them were still.

      For a long time afterwards, they lay quietly, unmoving in each other's arms, then Jenna smiled and shifted into a more comfortable position beside him. "Well," she said in a contented voice, "that was worth waiting for."

      "For me, too." He eased her head against his shoulder. "I hope there'll be no talk about you leaving the ship now."

      "Leaving!" She propped herself up on one elbow and stared at him suspiciously. "Did you sleep with me to get me to stay, Blake? More manipulation? You were always good at that."

      "Is that what you think, Jenna? Don't you think that if I'd wanted to bind you to me that way I wouldn't have waited until you decided to force the issue?"

      "I'm not quite sure what to think. You didn't answer my question."

      "Then answer one of mine, Jenna. You came in here to put me to the test," he pointed out. "If I'd sent you away again or if nothing had happened between us, you were going to leave, weren't you? If we're to talk of manipulation..."

      "No, Blake," she said hastily, then a reluctant smile crossed her face. "I confess I didn't understand why you didn't seem to want me - it's not that I have such a high opinion of myself, but there were times when I could sense that you had feelings for me, or I thought I could. I never understood why you did nothing about it, and there were times when I was so jealous of your cause - or even of Avon - for coming between us that I wanted to scream. It isn't that I expect a man to make the first move; sometimes yes, and sometimes no. But with a small crew like Liberator's, I thought if I approached you and you weren't interested it could be awkward. I was sure everyone would guess what had happened, and between Avon's cynical amusement and Vila's less than subtle humour, I don't think I could have borne it. This time, coming back, I felt I had to have things clear between us. But I won't have you use sex to keep me here." She wasn't sure how consistent her argument was, but she had to have it out in the open.

      "I want you to stay, Jenna," Blake told her. "It can't help but have something to do with what's just happened, but even if you hadn't come in here, if we hadn't made love, I'd still want you to stay. Maybe I was using an argument I thought you would appreciate."

      "I'm not sure how to take that."

      "I just want you to stay. For yourself, for your skills, for us, for any reason you can name. I've missed you, Jenna, and I don't want you to go. I didn't know how much I could offer you before."

      "This isn't my only reason for staying, either," she admitted. "Though I'm glad of it, Blake." She leaned down and kissed him briefly. "I'm sure there will be times when we disagree about things, like we did on Liberator. I was afraid you were taking too many chances there, toward the end. I didn't like that, and I'm glad to see that you aren't quite so - driven - now. I know you've still got a dream. I always wished I could care for something the way you did, something more than just the basics of life. Maybe I can't share your dream, Blake, but I can care for the dreamer, and envy you for it."

      "Envy me?" he echoed in astonishment.

      "Oh yes. For having it in you to care so deeply, to draw people to you, even someone like Avon who will never share your dream. He doesn't stay for a cause; he stays for you."

      "And you?"

      "That's why I stay too." She grimaced suddenly. "You said that Avon and I were alike in some ways." Her eyes sparkled with humour. "How did you convince him to stay?"

      "Obviously not like this. Though it's an idea."

      "Blake!" she protested, laughing.

      He pulled her down into his arms again. "So I can count on you, Jenna?"

      "I suppose you can," she replied. "I don't think I'll be leaving now. But I might decide," she went on thoughtfully, "to put up a good fight for this ship. Tarrant's too arrogant for his own good."

      "But then, you haven't seen him at his best," Blake said lazily, twisting a strand of hair around his finger.

      "Maybe not," she replied. "But he's Federation trained. I learned the hard way. We'll see how it works out." Her smile was confident.

      Blake's laugh was lighthearted, optimistic, the way she had remembered him in the year they had been separated, the way he'd sounded at the beginning on Liberator when she had first begun to care about him and tried to share his dream. It had been his ability to dream rather than the dream itself that had drawn her then, and it still was. In spite of everything, he wasn't ready to give up. Even in this, though he'd tried to avoid the issue, he had finally let himself take the risk.

      Jenna smiled fondly. She knew she wouldn't leave now, and if she was being honest, she knew she wouldn't have left even if it hadn't worked out so well. Jenna wasn't fond of the idea of giving up either, not with so much at stake.

      Now she and Blake were together, and there was this ship, which was worth fighting for. Flush with her victory, Jenna began to look forward to that battle too.

      Life was going to be very interesting. Of course, Avon would be as annoying as he always was, Vila would irritate her, the others would have their demands and their annoying habits, and they would almost certainly jump into danger head first, the way Blake always had.

      But it wouldn't be dull.


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