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Remember Me

By Helen Parkinson
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      "Few sessions will be required. However it would be ill-advised to speculate until at least one has been completed."

      "One session, of how long?" Avon asked.

      "Five minutes."

      "Avon?" Blake asked. Avon nodded. "Jenna, will you stay here on watch?"

      "But I was going to monitor this."

      "Orac and Cally are capable," Avon told her. "Unless of course you don't trust them."

      "Oh, I trust them, Avon," she replied sharply. Avon smiled slightly.

      "Jenna!" Blake cut across the beginnings of the fight. "I'll be fine. Avon and Cally will keep an eye on me, and with Orac in control, what can happen? You watch out for pursuit ships; we're not exactly out of Federation space yet."

      "I will send Vila up to join you," Cally assured the other woman.

      "If you can find him," Avon said. He picked Orac up. "I will go and set everything up."

      "Thank you," Blake said. Avon shrugged slightly and left. Cally cast one last glance at Jenna, then followed him.

      "I don't think it's a good idea," Jenna said again.

      "I want my memories back."

      "I understand that, but trusting Avon..."

      "Jenna, leave it," Blake snapped. "I trust Avon. That's what counts in this. Just as I trust you, I trust Avon with this."

      "Trust Avon?" Vila appeared at the top of the steps. "With anything except my wallet and my life." It was meant as a joke but Vila could have bitten his tongue when he saw Blake's face. "What's wrong?"

      "Orac wants to complete Blake's 'treatment.'"

      "Well, that's good. Isn't it?"

      "He wants Avon to monitor it."

      "The way you were before." Vila studied the woman closely. "And you want it to be you again."

      "I don't trust him."

      "Enough," Blake almost shouted.

      "But you don't have to," Vila told Jenna. "Blake's the one who has to."

      "And I do."

      "Avon's agreed?" Vila asked him.

      "Yes," Blake said. "He's setting Orac up now."

      "That's what they were up to," Vila muttered. "Shutting me out indeed." Blake heard the undertone and felt a pang of guilt. "Well that's all right then." Vila smiled. "He may not have the nicest personality around, our Avon, but if he's said he'll do it, he'll do it."

      "I know." Blake grinned. "Thank you, Vila." He placed a gentle hand on the thief's arm. "You and Jenna can share the watch, at least until we are out of Federation controlled space." Vila nodded. Blake offered one more conciliatory smile to Jenna and then left. As he did so, he heard the woman giving Zen new instructions.

      Blake was afraid, but he knew he had to go through with this. He needed to have his memory back, needed to be whole again and he couldn't just let it happen as it had been. It was bad enough when at any time he might experience a flashback as vivid and as real as if it were actually happening, but he couldn't run the risk of it endangering one of the others. Luckily, so far nothing had happened in a situation where others were dependent on him, but he couldn't run that risk. If Orac could give his past back he wanted it and he wanted it now. That Avon rather than Jenna would share with him was oddly reassuring. He trusted Avon to help. Not just that he would but that he could. The man's mind would provide the balance this experience so badly needed. He had been aware of Jenna for a little of the time the last time Orac had tried this and much as he trusted her, he did not rely on her abilities as he did Avon's. Jenna's voice in his dream offered comfort but not safety, not the anchorage he needed to face the truth. Blake wondered if perhaps Orac was aware of this and that was the reason for the change. If this was the case he was glad the computer had not elaborated in front of Avon or Jenna: the tension between the pair of them was bad enough as it was anyway.




Avon and Cally were talking quietly when Blake walked in. They had pulled two couches together and now Orac rested on a table between then. Leads ran from the computer to the couches, and Avon was occupied moving others from the nearby medical monitors.

      "You're ready," Blake said unnecessarily. Cally looked up, smiled, and walked towards him. Avon didn't acknowledge Blake's arrival at all. Blake moved over to the couches. "Thank you, Avon," he said. Avon's head snapped up, a question in his eyes. "For agreeing to this," Blake explained.

      "It's for my safety too," Avon replied. "The last thing I need is for you to become 'distracted' on one of your suicide missions, especially if I'm down there with you."

      "Avon," Cally admonished. He stopped and looked at her. "You cannot help Blake with that attitude."

      "On the contrary," Avon replied. "What Blake needs is familiarity to balance the dreams. Isn't that true, Orac?"

      "As I said."

      "Yes, Cally," Blake cut in. "If Avon were to suddenly be all sweetness and light, I think I'd die with the shock."

      "You should have told me sooner," Avon said, and smiled sweetly. Blake laughed out loud.

      "I am ready to begin," Orac announced.

      "Bully for you." Blake sobered up at once. "Avon?" Avon nodded and sat on one of the bunks. "Am I to be sedated again?" Blake asked.

      "It is the quickest way to achieve the correct mental state," Orac told him. "Cally, connect the sensors and we shall begin." Cally worked quickly and efficiently, checking the readings were normal as she connected the sensors. Both men's heart rates were up, but that wasn't surprising; she made no comment. Then she turned to Blake. Smiling slightly, she applied a sedative pad to his wrist.

      "Don't worry, Cally," Blake muttered as his eyes drifted shut.

      Avon watched as Cally sedated Blake, then settled back on the couch. He took a couple of deep breaths to settle the nerves he would never admit to, and was about to shut his eyes when the door burst open and Jenna marched in.

      "What are you doing here?" Avon demanded.

      "Vila can watch the flight deck," she snapped. "I wanted to keep an eye on you."

      "Jenna!" Cally was shocked and dismayed. Jenna's attitude was not helping at all.

      "You've stated often enough that you want this ship, Avon. I'm going to make sure you don't get it this way."

      Cally waited for Avon to explode, but the man simply smiled at Jenna.

      "Stay if it makes you feel better," he said amicably.

      "Avon intends Blake no harm," Cally said.

      "And if I do, how will you know?" Avon asked Jenna softly as he settled back once again. "Unless of course you're in here with us? Orac, begin." Avon closed his eyes.




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