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Vila Restals E-mails - Year 1

By Nicola Mody
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To:               Jandy Restal  
From:           Vila Restal  
Subject:       Silicon webby thing

Dear Mum,

Yep, I’m worth a million, but not the way I’d like to be. :-(  I did get almost half a mill from the bank on SG, but I’ll have to get a lot more if I want to pay off any bounty hunters that might get at me.

We’re on our way to another planet (better not say which one in case Avon breaks my new encryption, I already risked enough having send some stuff there) to blow another communications centre.

I was showing off my latest outfit to Cally and she laid me out cold. I didn’t think I looked that bad! Lucky I found out later she was possessed or I might have gone right off that girl. She was taken over by some people from her planet, and sabotaged the ship so that we got caught in a silicon web. Blake let me fire the neutron blasters at it. Bit tricky, you have to put up a flare shield first. Lucky Zen warned me, or it might have been a trifle nasty. A lot of fun actually, but it didn’t work. BTW Blake also got me to plot a course away from the planetary gravitational field; I bet Avon didn’t notice, but Blake guessed I can do that stuff. He also got me to do the atmosphere and gravity check too, but the others still think I’m a thick delta-grade. :-(

Anyway we got away all right and are back on course; those ‘lost’ Auronars only trapped us because they wanted some power cells off us. They should use rechargeables like we do. I’m looking forward to getting the stuff I ordered, but I’m wondering who can give me a good chess game here: 1) who’s good enough for a decent challenge and b) who’s prepared to play a grade-4 ignorant Delta like me.

Love, Vila

To:               Olag Gan []  
From:           Vila Restal  
Subject:       Test

Hello Gan,

It’s really easy! Just say ‘reply’ and then what you want to say to me, then ‘send’. Go on, give it a go!


To:               Vila Restal  
From:           Olag Gan  
Subject:       RE: Test

Look, it’s this easy. You just speak and watch the words come up, see Gan? You can just say:

Hello there, me old mate Vila,

It’s Gan here, then blah blah, say whatever you want to me, then say your name and ‘send’. Yes, I know it’s easier to just come and talk to me, but what if I wasn’t on the ship, eh? You can talk to anyone in the galaxy this way if you know their address. Go on, give it a go.

All right Vila. Let’s see, um, I’ve nothing to say really. What do I do now? Oh, right.


To:               Vila Restal  
From:           Jandy Restal  
Subject:       RE: Silicon webby thing

Dear Vila,

Don’t sell yourself so short, sweetheart. You know you got such good grades in your 11-plus you could have been promoted to Beta or even Alpha if you hadn’t ended up in the juvenile detention wards. And you did choose to buy that ignorance grade from your friend at the testing centre to stay out of trouble because you didn’t want to go into space, and there you are again, dear. Is that what you call irony? Or is that sarcasm? I always get them mixed up.

I’m glad Blake sees how intelligent and capable you really are, though I bet you fool around all the time in your usual way, so you can’t really blame people when they don’t take you seriously.

Are you taking your vitamins? I do worry about you.

Love, Mum

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Nicola Mody

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