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Is This the Complaints Department?

By Calle Dybedahl
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Gabrielle had no underwear on. This had become eminently visible to Jenna as soon as Gabrielle put her feet up, and it made it quite impossible for her to read. Her gaze kept being drawn to the curly red hair and cute little slit where the smaller woman's legs met. Eventually, she gave up even the pretense of reading and threw the magazine back onto the table. "So did you get a vibrator?" she asked.
"Huh?" Gabrielle returned from wherever her daydreams had taken her. "No, what use would that have been anyway? If I could use that I could just as well have got in on with Xena."
"Ah. Of course."
"I mean, we've tried it any number of times, getting some good groping and licking in when we're not in shot, but an episode is only about 40 minutes long so we've usually only got going when we're on camera again and we have to pretend we're interested in the plot of the week. At least it usually ends with a big fight so we get to work off some tension."
"Maybe..." Ivanova begun. Jenna noticed that she was holding her magazine the wrong way up. "Maybe we could help?"
"You mean you could get someone here to complain to?" Gabrielle said. "Why are you waiting here, then?"
"No," Ivanova said. "I mean, maybe we could help you get rid of some of that ... frustration."
"Oh? How? I mean, we're not even from the same series, how could you help us get the time to play around?"
"I think Susan was thinking of a more immediate and short-term solution to the problem," Jenna said.
"I don't want a short-term solution, I want to be able to do Xena whenever, however and for as long as I like. Just having her once or twice would be worse than nothing in the long run."
Gabrielle got up from her seat and walked back to the counter, trying again to see if there was anybody in there. Jenna leaned over the table.
"Is she this thick or is she just playing hard to get?" she whispered to Ivanova, who had also leaned forward.
"I don't know," Ivanova replied. "But I sure wouldn't mind getting into that skirt."
Jenna blushed slightly. "Me neither," she said. "Why don't you just ask her?"
Ivanova looked quickly towards where Gabrielle stood. She was pressing her face against the glass, keeping the light out with her hands in an attempt to see better. Slightly bent forward like that, her firm young ass strained against the red-brown material of her skirt in a most pleasing manner.
"I can't do that," Ivanova said. "What if she gets upset? Did you see her banging at the glass with that staff? She'd beat me into a pulp in no time!" She paused to think. "Although I'd rather like to see her have a go at Neroon."
Jenna's gaze turned to Gabrielle's posterior and stayed there. "So what do we do?" she said, still whispering.
Ivanova joined her in admiring the scenery. "Don't ask me. I suck at personal relationship stuff."
"This place is so not working," Gabrielle said and turned around. "I think...," she began to say. She stopped when she noticed the other two women staring in the general direction of her crotch. They hurriedly looked away and failed miserably to pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had happened.
"You know," Gabrielle said, "I'm beginning to suspect that when you said you could help me take care of my frustration you weren't thinking about helping me get it on with Xena at all."

Jenna pushed Gabrielle's hair aside with her nose and caught her ear lobe gently between her teeth. She stood behind the smaller woman, her arms reaching around her. On the other side, Ivanova was standing, kissing Gabrielle deeply. Jenna was trying to get Ivanova's uniform jacket off, which wasn't all that easy when she couldn't see what she was doing. She tought Ivanova was trying to get Gabrielle's top off, but she wasn't sure. Just as she got Ivanova's jacket open and got at her breasts, she heard both the other women gasp for air.
"I...", Gabrielle had time to say before Ivanova started kissing her again. Jenna started in on the buttons on Ivanova's white blouse. She felt hands move against her chest, and Gabrielle's top was removed and thrown aside. She gave in to temptation, abandoned Ivanova's blouse and began to play with Gabrielle's now-exposed nipples instead.
"I...", Gabrielle tried again, and this time she dodged Ivanova's mouth. "I appreciate what you're doing, but--". Her skirt fell away, loosened by Ivanova's nimble fingers, fingers that quickly found their way to more interesting ground. "--I'm really ooh that feels soo good a one-woman ah yes girl, really, so please mmmm stop doing that please."
Reluctantly, Jenna let go of Gabrielle's breasts and took a step back. In front, Ivanova did more or less the same.
"It's not that I'm not grateful or don't like it or anything," Gabrielle said after she'd caught her breath, "but I really don't want to be unfaithful to Xena, you know?"
"You could consider it practice for when you do get the chance to make love to your girlfriend," Ivanova said. Jenna kept silent, admiring Gabrielle's muscular back, well-shaped buttocks and lovely legs.
"An interesting idea, but I don't really think she'd see it that way. I'm sorry I got you all worked up in vain... Although you didn't seem to mind touching each other...?" Gabrielle looked over her shoulder at Jenna, questioningly. "I won't mind if you want to continue without me." An impish grin spread over her face. "I could watch and learn," she said.
Ivanova looked at Jenna. Jenna looked back.
"Well, we nearly said we'd teach her, didn't we?" Jenna said.
"We certainly nearly did," Ivanova said. "And we can't go back on our almost given word, now can we?" She undid her pants and wiggled them off.
"Absolutely not," Jenna said while removing her blouse.

Gabrielle sat in one of the chairs, stark naked but for her knee-high red boots. On the couch Jenna and Ivanova were, in between kissing and fondling, playfully removing from each other what few scraps of clothing they still wore.
"Playing around and not taking things too seriously is quite important," Jenna said while Ivanova kissed her way down her belly. "You can keep things up for longer that way."
"Of course," Ivanova said, "it's not always you want to take it slow." She quickly slid two fingers into Jenna's wet slit. Jenna yelped. "Sometimes you want it hard, fast and right now," Ivanova continued. She started sliding her fingers in and out.
Jenna closed her eyes and laid back, enjoying the ministrations. With an effort of will she opened her eyes, and saw Gabrielle part her legs enough to get a hand in between them. She was watching Ivanova intently, and as the dark-haired woman lowered her head so she could reach Jenna's pussy with her mouth Gabrielle let out a vaguely frustrated whimper.
"Oh, yes, oh, I love that," Jenna mumbled as Ivanova's tongue slid over sensitive flesh. "Keep doing that. Keep doing that for a long time..."
By now, Gabrielle was openly stroking herself.
"Are you sure you don't want to join us?" Jenna said, with plenty of pauses for heavy breaths.
Slowly, tentatively, Gabrielle got up from the chair. She sat down on the table and extended a hesitant hand Ivanova's side. She stroked her gently, slowly, exploring the feel of her warm, soft skin. Her hand followed the curves of Ivanova's body for as far as she could reach, traveling over her thigh, hip and waist before it ended up softly squeezing a smallish breast. Not hearing any protests, she moved closer so she could use both hands and reach further. The hand that played with Ivanova's breast moved down a bit to stroke the inside of Jenna's thigh, the other one reached behind Ivanova where Jenna couldn't see what it did but whatever it was it made Ivanova start and then moan.
"Fun, isn't it?" Jenna said.
Gabrielle nodded distractedly. She was watching Ivanova licking Jenna's pussy, obviously fascinated.
"Let me try that," she said.
Ivanova moved aside a little, and after moving Jenna's leg a bit Gabrielle got her face close enough and got to work. While possibly not as experienced as Ivanova, she brought an enthusiasm and inventiveness to the situation that soon had Jenna moaning loudly and gasping for release. Ivanova moved up along Jenna's body until she could reach her breasts and, incidentally, so that Jenna could reach hers. It also made it possible for Gabrielle to reach the middle of Ivanova, and she wasted no time sliding a finger or two into her vagina. She slid one into Jenna's as well, while moving the tip of her tongue in circles around her clitoris. With only a second or two of warning, orgasm swept through Jenna. She cried out and pushed Gabrielle's head into her crotch, wanting as much pressure as she could get on her sex. The feelings subsided, and she more or less collapsed into a heap.
"Pleased?" Ivanova asked.
"Mmmm," Jenna nodded.
"Care to move aside a bit so I and Gabrielle here can go on?"
"Nah. Lie on top of me."
Ivanova raised an eyebrow. "Ok," she said. She turned so her back was against Jenna's front and her ass between her legs.
"Come here, cutie," she said to Gabrielle, who had looked on amusedly.
Gabrielle crawled up Ivanova until their mouths met in a sloppy kiss. More or less simultaneously they reached for each others' pussies, both moving enough to make it possible for the other to reach. Their combined weight lay heavy on Jenna, but she found it oddly comfortable. She reached around Ivanova and stroked the sides of both the other women while they moved against each other. Their movements became steadily more urgent until first Gabrielle and finally Ivanova came.
For a while they just lay there, enjoying nothing more complex than the comfort of feeling another warm body being close.

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