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By Kaelar
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They really don't understand; how could they? To them, this ship is just a means of fighting and escaping. But not to me. There's an exhilaration I feel, when I take over the controls, that all the Shadow in the universe couldn't top. A sense of freedom, of being in control; not just of this ship, but of my life, and everything about it. A rare feeling, these days.

Sometimes, especially at "night" when no one else is around, I'll spend hours on the flight deck, just admiring the genius of the ship's design. Occasionally, I'll activate the forward screen and watch the stars drift lazily by as we move through space.

The stars. It was my yearning to visit them that inspired me to join the Academy, and my abhorrence of what the Federation was doing to the people whose planets orbited those stars that caused me to desert. I sometimes find it hard to believe that a galaxy so beautiful could hide a power so cruel and unjust as the Federation. It just seems...sacrilegious; I believe that's the word they used to use.

If I had my way, I'd take the Liberator as far away from here as possible and roam through the stars forever, just me and this magnificent vessel...

No, what am I saying? I'm afraid I'm still too "chivalrous" and "noble" to desert this cause, and the people on those downtrodden planets who have no hope, no escape to the stars. I suppose we'll fight the Federation until we die, or are killed.

Still, it was a nice dream, wasn't it?

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