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Jabberwocky - part 3 - Healer

By Sheila Paulson
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Cally has survived the explosion on Terminal and the crew have escaped in Servalan's wreck of a ship. While in a coma, Cally dreams the events of the fourth season, including Blake's death. Traumatized by her injury, she has lost her telepathy. When the crew, augmented by Hugh Tiver, a doctor kidnaped by Avon to take care of Cally, steal a prototype Federation mindship constructed around a living human brain and capable of bonding with a human in a mental linkage, their adventures are just beginning. Afraid of finding Blake for fear Avon will kill him, Cally bonds with the ship, naming it Jabberwocky. After rescuing Soolin from the Scorpio, they go to Gauda Prime, where the encounter backfires. Blake is wounded but is rescued and joins the crew of Jabberwocky. Cally's telepathy returns and she turns linkage of the ship over to Blake.


Blake is back, and in linkage with Jabberwocky, and Servalan wants to steal Jabberwocky and link with it in order to take back the presidency. She had meant it to be hers from the beginning. She uses Witt, a telepath who had worked his way into Avalon's rebel army on Ryalon base, to wrest control of Jabberwocky from Blake, leaving the rebel trapped inside his mind. A mental linkage is the only way to bring him back, and Avon the only one who can do it. With Cally's help, and using nearly atrophied telepathic skills he had long pretended he didn't have, Avon is able to draw Blake back from the prison within his mind. Jabberwocky defeats the rogue telepath.


His cabin was too hot. Vila awoke to twisted bed sheets and a stifling atmosphere and opened his eyes to total darkness. That wasn't right. He liked a bit of light when he slept even if it was just the faint glow of the lighting control panel beside the door. Now even that was gone and Vila sat up cautiously, frightened. Was there a malfunction? Had they been attacked while he slept? What was wrong?

      "Jabberwocky?" he ventured nervously, peering into the darkness.

      "Yes, Vila?" the ship responded promptly in an ordinary voice as if there was nothing wrong. "You seem agitated. Did you have a nightmare?

      "No, I didn't have a nightmare, you worthless piece of junk. It's hard to dream when you're being roasted alive."

      "Oh. Sorry. Your cabin's too hot. Give me a moment and I'll fix it."

      "You do that, Jabberwocky." The room promptly began to cool off as Jabberwocky set about correcting the fault. "See that you keep it that way," Vila insisted. "I shouldn't have to be doing your work for you." Wide awake now, he scrambled out of bed and padded over to palm the light panel, then went to the basin and splashed water on his face and chest to cool himself off.

      "There, that's better," he said as he towelled off. "What happened, Jabberwocky? You've never had any problems like that before."

      "A momentary fault in the temperature regulation control," Jabberwocky explained. "It has been noted, and the auto repairs have taken care of it. You should have no more problems."

      "What about the lights?" asked Vila suspiciously, feeling that there was more wrong that Jabberwocky was telling him.

      "That's a part of the environmental controls. Don't worry, Vila. Auto repairs should handle that too."

      "Auto repairs are supposed to be automatic," protested Vila. "Auto repairs, get it? It shouldn't need me being suffocated before it works."

      "That's true. But it's a little slower than human reactions. I'm not your Liberator, remember?"

      "That would be small consolation if you'd cut my air off."

      "Relax, Vila. If your air had cut off, I would have picked it up in time to save your life. You take things much too seriously."

      "Seriously! I take being broiled alive very seriously." He began to dress. Now that he was wide awake, he might as well go along to the flight deck and pester whoever was on duty. "See that you don't let it happen again," he said over his shoulder as he left the cabin.



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Sheila Paulson

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