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By Marian Mendez
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Bayban the Berserker was so annoyed that Roj Blake's bounty was higher than his that he petitioned for a change in the method of evaluating the relative value of Federation enemies.

Bayban is a hard man to ignore.

The head bookkeeper assigned a different randomly chosen value from 1 to 26 for each of the letters in the Galactic Standard alphabet. Substituting these values for the letters in the name of the offender, he then added them together to obtain the bounty.

For Example: If your dog, Spotty, had ruined Servalan's new white carpet his bounty would be arrived at in this fashion.If S = 1, P = 2, O = 3, T = 4 ,and Y = 5 Then 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 5 = 19

So poor Spotty would be worth 19 Credits. (Note: Each time a letter appears in a name, it is counted again. Also Note: None of the values used in Spotty's name are the official ones used by the Federation.)

The clerk ran a partial print-out of enemies of the state and gave the list to Bayban. When the Berserker found that he still wasn't at the top, he eliminated the official before the man could finish explaining the system. When Bayban calmed down enough to read the list, he found that Blake wasn't on it.

Bayban has given us the list. He asks "What is ROJ BLAKE worth?"


KERRILL= (112)






ARLEN= (82)

VILA= (78)

ANNA= (72)

JENNA= (69)

BEK= (49)

(When Avon heard about the new system, he had his name legally changed. By using only his last name he reduced his bounty considerably. AVON=63)

(We asked ORAC for help, but he said that we had more than enough information to logically deduce what ROJ BLAKE is worth and he wouldn't waste his time on the problem.)

(Uh, oh. Bayban mentioned something about living each hour as if it were your last. Help!)

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