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The Importance of Being Tarrant

By Alicia Ann Fox
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Blake looked at Del Tarrant in horror. "You idiot! I haven't sold you, you sold me!"

Tarrant looked stunned. "He's a bounty hunter, Avon. Or he's been acting an awful lot like one."

"No, you're the traitor," Blake insisted. "Dev Tarrant. Short guy with blond hair and a limp."

Avon was following their argument like a tennis match. "Look, I think you're both a bit confused. Or stupid. Blake isn't tough enough to be a bounty hunter look at those awful little studs! What fake machismo. And I wouldn't call 6'3" short. Tarrant, do you have blond hair?" The pilot shook his head. "I didn't think so. Who would want curly brown hair?"

Vila broke in. "This is Del Tarrant, Blake. Not Dev."

Blake came up and looked more closely. "You're right, Vila! I guess I was looking out of the wrong eye."

Arlen chose that moment to rip off her face mask. "I'm not a rebel, I'm not a rebel!" she cried. "They dressed me up like this. I'm Jill Tarrant!"

The room fell to a stunned silence. Finally Dayna got up enough courage to go to her and whisper, "Jill Tarrant was on Dr. Who . This is Blake's Seven . You'd better get out of here before the Continuity Police show up."

Arlen/Jill quickly vanished in a puff of cheap special effects. Action resumed.

"Well, Blake," said Avon. "Now that we've settled this Tarrant problem, I think we should exit, as well, before Boucher edits us." They all vanished. The television faded to black.

Moral: Too silly, too silly to go on. Sorry about that. I'll stop now.

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Alicia Ann Fox

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