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Cup Fever

By Susannah Shepherd
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Concentration became a more difficult as he worked further down and found himself inspecting the small of her back. It was impossible to ignore the curve of her hips and the swell of her bottom, softer and more rounded than he would have expected from her clothed body.

'Wouldn't that be easier to do if I bend over?' Cally asked, then proceeded to do just that without waiting for a reply, leaning her elbows on the edge of the high bed.

Avon strangled down the squeak that threatened to escape from his throat. Discipline, he told himself firmly, discipline and detachment. It doesn't matter that her back's swayed like that, with her bottom thrust up high and pert, waiting for some attention. It is perfectly possible to run your fingers down the cleft of that bottom in a dispassionate way, even if it is the most gorgeous flawless bottom you've seen for a while. See? Fingers moving, palms lightly gripping soft flesh, parting her cheeks just enough to check for anything wrong.

Heart pounding? Hands shaking? That wasn't supposed to happen. Control, man, control... Check, check thoroughly, your life could depend on this. He made himself look carefully, scanning the soft pink flesh for any marks of illness. Cally shifted slightly, parting her legs for him those long thighs, so slim that they didn't meet in the middle and he took in a deep breath.

'Can you see something wrong?' Cally asked.

Another deep breath, held for a second and then let out. 'No,' he said, 'Everything's... perfect.'

'Good,' she said, and straightened. Avon relaxed a little, but then she turned and lay back on the bed. 'Can you check the front too? I couldn't find a hand mirror.'

Avon wondered what shades of red he was turning as she stretched out and drew up her legs, watching him unconcernedly. His heart was thumping painfully hard, but to refuse to do this would require him to admit why, and that was out of the question. It also needed to be done.

He tried to switch his mind over into scientific curiosity. That should be easy; he'd wondered often enough just how close Cally's physiology was to that of humans and where the points of difference lay, and here was an excellent opportunity to find out.

She had reclined back in the middle of the bed, so he had to sit between her feet and twist around to look. He could smell her now, a soft, delicate odour, not quite that of a human female suggestive of some biochemical differences, surely.

He reached out, extremely tentatively, to inspect the hidden reaches of her body. She looked outwardly human, with springy dark curls covering a soft mound and fleshy pink folds. Oh, hell. Could he really touch her like that, deft and clinical, when she was all spread out like this across a soft double bed?

'Cally, could you... ah... hold yourself open for me?'

'Oh, of course. I'm sorry.' Her hands reached down and Avon took in yet another deep breath as her fingers parted those soft outer lips and laid open the delicate inner flesh to his gaze. Detachment, scientific curiosity. Yes, physiology very similar, if not identical; right down to the little hooded clitoris... Clinical, man, clinical.

And all of it was as flawless as the rest of her, he recognised with relief no nasty redness or lumps anywhere. There was just one little spot he couldn't see, tucked behind a fold of pink flesh, and before he realised what he was doing he reached out to touch her. Oh, she was warm hot, even, by human standards and ever so slightly damp...

Cally gasped as his fingertips brushed her, and Avon snatched his hand away as though he'd had an electric shock.

'Oh,' she groaned, 'your fingers feel cold. Sorry, carry on.'

The spurt of guilty fear that had washed through Avon was enough to let him finish his inspection with the required objectivity. As soon as he'd checked her thoroughly he sprang to his feet, off the bed.

Cally sat up more slowly, dangling her legs over the edge of the bed. 'Your turn,' she said cheerfully, making no move to put her clothes back on.

In his effort to keep his thoughts in check, Avon had almost forgotten that he too was going to have to get naked. Hell. He turned his back on Cally and peeled off his jacket, then his top. He stopped once he'd stripped to the waist, and waited.

Her fingers felt warm against his neck, and the path they traced down his spine was thorough and slow and gentle. Not sensual, he told himself. No, it wasn't sensual at all. She paused as she explored the lines of his lower back, and he felt her thumbs kneading delicately into his muscles. She must be hitting a nerve, because his stomach was churning.

'You're very tense in the lumbar region, Avon. You'll end up with back problems if you're not careful. I'll give you a massage when we're finished, if I can find some oil.'

Cally's hands, warm and lubricated and sliding over his skin... 'It hardly needs it,' he said.

'We have nothing else to do while we wait, and I think it would help you.' Her hands continued down to the waistband of his trousers. 'You're going to have to take these off now.'

Avon stepped away further from her, crouched down to remove his boots, then reluctantly began to undress with his back kept turned the whole time. This was about to become very embarrassing, given the awakening and unreliable contents of his underwear, but given a choice between embarrassment and lingering death, he'd have to take embarrassment.

'Your nakedness makes you very uncomfortable,' Cally commented, sounding surprised. 'Why? The unclothed body is a very natural thing, and nothing to be ashamed of.'

'I'm not ashamed,' he lied. 'Things are different on Earth. I'm a very modest man.'

She laughed. 'No you're not.'

'Very well, then. I'm shy.'

'Yes,' she said more softly, 'you are, aren't you? But you know me well enough by now, surely.'

With that, her hands grasped Avon by the waist and began to guide him towards the bed. He managed to shuffle over and kneel on it without exposing himself to her, then took a deep breath and bent over. At least this way he didn't have to look at her.

'This all looks fine,' Cally said as she gripped his cheeks and parted them, then ran an inquisitive finger down the groove between. Avon tried not to whimper as she came close to his most responsive places. 'But I can't see properly here... can you push your knees apart a bit?'

Avon obeyed, face flaming red and head hanging in desperate, terrified mortification. Her fingers drifted downwards and, as she inadvertently stroked the ultra-sensitive area behind his scrotum, he had to bite his lip hard to stop himself crying out.

Her hands stopped moving for a moment, and there was a brief pause. 'Avon,' she said, 'your penis appears to be a little hot and swollen, but I cannot see any nodules.'

He took a couple of breaths to compose himself. 'That's not infectious, Cally, just a... natural variation.'

'Oh, good. I was worried for a moment. Turn over.'

He screwed his eyes tight shut and did as he was told. His cock was only just starting to stiffen in earnest, and he might be able to get away with it if she could just get it over with quickly, while he could still keep some control.

Cally guided his legs a little further apart as he lay back on the bed, and he tried to pretend that she was that ghastly sharp-fingered male doctor who'd done his prison medical. But then her warm digits slipped between his legs and gently rolled his testicles from side to side, checking for marks or lumps, and he realised it was hopeless. This was no brutal medical examination. Her fingers slipped up and lifted his cock, feeling around the base and up the shaft as she did it. The blood surged into his groin, and he had to just lie there, keep quiet, and pretend it wasn't happening.

Her hands dropped away, and he realised she had finished his examination. 'Avon, your penis is very swollen now. Are you sure you're all right?'

He swallowed hard, propped himself up on his elbows, and forced himself to look at her normally. He tried to ignore her nakedness. 'Yes, Cally, it's fine. Just leave it, and the swelling will recede naturally.'

A sudden light of understanding dawned in Cally's eyes, and she gasped. 'Oh!' She flushed and dropped her eyes. 'You're sexually excited!'

'Well now, it is a normal physiological reaction when an attractive naked woman fondles a man's genitals like that.' Avon knew his voice shouldn't be quite so hoarse or shaky.

'I'm sorry, I didn't realise...' She frowned for a moment as her thoughts caught up with his words. 'You find me physically attractive?'

There didn't seem much point in trying to lie when the evidence was so damning and impossible to hide. 'It would appear so.'

The diverted blood flow had obviously been impairing his own thinking, because the implications of some of her statements had only just caught up with him.

'Cally, are you telling me that you've never seen an erection before?' She was a mature woman, not a girl; surely she had some experience.

'I have seen pictures, but this is the first I have handled.'

That piqued Avon's inquisitive mind, and curiosity won out over embarrassment and propriety. 'Then forgive my asking, but how is sexual interest expressed on Auron?'

'I don't mind you asking at all. It is an important aspect of biology.' She sat down next to him on the bed, and he could feel her radiating warmth. 'We express ourselves telepathically, mostly, although we touch and kiss as well. Full physical coupling is only required for unmediated procreation, and I have never attempted to conceive that way.'

I don't believe this , Avon thought,

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