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The Ringer

By Deirdre Hughes
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"That's it," said Biron, leader of Cell B of the Underground Freedom movement. He switched off the video monitor and turned to Kel Veska, his second-in-command. "There goes our chance of using Blake. Once he's on his way to Cygnus Alpha, we'll never get our hands on him."

"We could manage a rescue, I think," Veska said. "Not now, I know, but eventually."

"If he doesn't get himself killed first. From what I saw, his memory is only partially restored."

Veska ran one hand through her prematurely graying curls. "He's probably happier without it."

"But if he should regain it unexpectedly, we might have a problem...he couldn't endanger us, but he might endanger himself." Biron pondered, his square fingers drumming on the table. "Damn it, I wish there was some way we could keep a watch on him! Roj Blake was a good friend to me once."

"I can think of an easy solution," Veska said. "But I don't think you'll like it."

"What, put an audio pickup in his ear? Give, Veska."

"If one of our people went with him, they could make sure he stayed alive. Could get his mind working again, put him back on track. And if--I'm sure you've considered the possibility that Blake's conditioning might destroy him. In that case, we'd have a safeguard."

Biron shook his head slowly. "You're diabolical. You've covered all the angles, except for a volunteer. Unless you plan to get yourself arrested."

Her smile was satisfied. "I have the perfect candidate. He's brilliant, adaptable, and just lost his reason to stay on Earth; his lover was killed by the Administration. Will he do?"

"Perfect. The grudge will make it easier for him. What cell is he from?"


"Good. What's his name?"

"He's a grade-one tech; his name is Kerr Avon."

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