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Tom Swifties

By Marian Mendez
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"A knife in the back keeps secrets best," cut in Sleer sharply.

"I can't hold this wall much longer," Gan stated flatly.

"I'll get you with my Lazeron destroyer," blasted Travis.

"Orac gave my quite a jolt," Hanna said, shocked.

"The Federation must fall," Blake said, revoltingly.

"Oooh, aren't Blake's trousers nice and snug," panted Jenna.

"Don't throw me out the airlock," Vila said, breathlessly.

"I'm allergic to enzymes," oozed Zen, unctuously.

"Oh, no, not another telepathic alien," Cally said, possessively.

"I'm wearing lifts in my boots, so I can look Blake in the eye," Avon said, shortly.

"Lord Avon can do anything," Meegat said, devoutly.

"We are all clones," chorused the Auronar.

"So are we," echoed Blake 2 and Blake 3.

"I can destroy any Federation base," Cally said, bombastically.

"I can do it better," exploded Dayna.

"I went to heaven when Avon shot me," Blake harped on.

"It's hotter here," Avon said, steamed.

"I'm good with a gun," Soolin said, accurately.

"I prefer the ancient weapons," Dayna shot back.

"Do I have to polish Avon's studs again?" rebuffed Vila.

"Yes, because I need to dazzle the enemy," said Avon brightly.

"Can't I take my fish tank?" carped Ensor.

"My robot is head and shoulders above the rest," said Mueller, off the top of his head.

"Blake shouldn't include me in his Seven," recounted Zen.

"I've been sent to prison lots of times," Vila said with conviction.

"Yes, Deeta is my brother," related Tarrant.

"If Travis beats Blake, I'll pay you for him," haggled Giroc with Sinofar.

"Grunt," Og horned in.

"I can't find that cyber-surgeon anywhere," declined Blake.

"The Core is all. We exist merely to serve," droned the Ultra.

"I've docked at this space station before," reported Tarrant.

"Credits are harder to embezzle than Old-Calendar British money," expounded Avon.

"I'm jealous of Avon's thick hair and Blake's curls," Vila said baldly.

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Marian Mendez

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