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New Discoveries

By Catherine
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"I can't believe I let Blake talk me into this."

Avon sighed, stretching and looking around carefully. He couldn't see anyone, not even Blake any more, and it made him uneasy.

"I should be up on the Liberator, not wasting my time with Blake's stupid schemes to help the rebels defeat the Federation."

Avon settled himself back down to wait, leaning against a tree, his arms crossed over his chest.

"It seems that I spend half my time waiting for him and for what?"

But as soon as the words came to mind, Avon recognized the reason why he waited. Even though he would never acknowledge it, he cared about Blake. More than Avon could ever admit, even to himself. So he waited. An hour later, he was still waiting and he was worried. Blake should have been back by now. Avon shifted to get a clearer view of the valley below. There was a rustling of leaves and Avon tensed. Someone was nearby! He whirled around, coming face to face with Travis, Blake's old enemy, who was pointing his gun directly at Avon.

"Put the gun down, Avon. Now!" Travis barked.

Avon glared but he had no choice. He unhooked his gun, dropping it insolently to the ground.

"Did you come alone, Travis?" Avon inquired pleasantly.

"No, Avon. He came with me."

Avon jerked around to see Servalan approaching, a mocking smile on her beautiful face. Avon regarded her stonily but his stomach was churning. Where was Blake? Had they found him first or had he escaped detection?

"Move, Avon."

Travis gestured towards the valley. As they reached the bottom, Avon could see that there was a ship carefully concealed by the luxuriant forest growth. Avon turned to Servalan to see her watching him. She smiled.

"We didn't want you to be lonely, Avon, so we brought a friend of yours to keep you company."

Before the dark-eyed comp tech could respond, Travis shoved him through the entrance. Avon's eyes widened in shock and anger. Blake lay on the floor, bound hand and foot. He had obviously been beaten and was still unconscious. Two mutoid guards stepped forward, at Travis's command, and roughly hauled the battered rebel to his feet. Travis pointed to a cell and the mutoids dragged him inside. Travis himself grabbed Avon, shoving him into the cell and slamming the door.

"Oh, Avon," Servalan whispered sweetly. "We'll be back soon for a little chat, among other things."

With a throaty laugh, she and Travis left. Avon immediately turned to his fallen companion, crouching down beside him. Blake was just beginning to regain consciousness and was obviously in a great deal of pain. Avon touched him gently.


Avon softly brushed the matted curls back from Blake's eyes, finding them still tightly closed.

"Avon?" Blake whispered.

"Yes, it's me."

Blake opened his eyes slowly and tilted his head so that he could see his friend kneeling beside him. He smiled faintly at the comp tech's concerned expression and at the hand which was still resting on his shoulder. Blake tried to sit up but was stopped as Avon pressed down on his shoulder.

"Lie still, Blake. I can't remove these cuffs with you squirming around."

The caustic words brought another faint smile to Blake's lips and he nodded wearily, leaning back down against the floor. Avon gritted his teeth in frustration as he slowly unlocked the stasis cuffs binding Blake's hands and feet. Once released, Blake immediately tried to stand up, nearly collapsing before the smaller man caught him.

"I think, Blake, that sitting down would be preferable to cracking that thick skull of yours if you fall."

"Thank you for the advice, Avon. I'll keep it in mind." Blake smiled as Avon released him and sat back down. "By the way, where are we?"

"In a Federation ship and Servalan's hands."

Blake's shadowed face darkened.



"I'm sorry, Avon. This is my fault. It must have been a trap."

"Well now, you could redeem yourself by finding us a way out."


"Unlikely, even if we could contact the Liberator. We no longer have bracelets for the others to lock onto. Try again."

Blake leaned forward, resting his head on his knees, while Avon slowly paced around their cell. After a few moments, Avon spoke.


No response.

Avon frowned, turning to him, knelt down.

"I realize that I have often accused you of being brainless but this is hardly the time to prove my point."

At that, Blake's head lifted.

"Avon," he said patiently.

"Yes, Blake."

"Shut up and let me think."

As Blake looked away, Avon smiled faintly. Blake had survived so far, regardless of Avon's professed opinion of his mental skills. Luck, whether good or bad, seemed to follow him.

At the same instant, they heard the lock click. Blake struggled to his feet and Avon moved to stand at his side. Travis entered the cell, accompanied by two mutoids.

"Bind them both," the Commander snarled, closing the door firmly.

Avon gave Blake a warning look but they had little choice except to submit. Once Travis was sure that their arms were firmly confined, he approached Blake with a smile.

"You know I want to kill you."

It was not a question and Blake returned his gaze solemnly.

"I am surprised that you haven't already, Travis. Getting soft, or does the Supreme Commander still have you wrapped around her finger?"

"Oh, Blake, you know better than that. Softness is not in my nature and neither is Servalan."

Travis stroked a black-gloved finger down the side of the captive rebel's face. Blake's eyes widened in surprise and Avon felt an icy stab deep in the pit of his stomach. Travis wouldn't dare! But in his heart Avon realized that there was nothing to prevent Travis from exacting whatever revenge he wanted from his hated enemy. Avon forced himself to look at the rebel, standing there with a cold, disdainful look on his face worthy of Avon himself.

"You're sick, Travis, and if you think you can break me, you're wrong."

"Am I, Blake? I think not."

As one of the mutoids held the burly rebel immobilized, Travis reached out, ripping open his prisoner's shirt. Inserting a hand, he caressed the smooth hairless chest, pinching the nipples hard while watching Blake's face for his reaction. Blake refused to give him the satisfaction, staring straight ahead, the only sign of his distress the tight clinching of his jaw.

Avon's own jaw ached. He wanted to scream for Travis to stop, but he knew such weakness would only goad him on and the mutoid had not slackened its grip on his arms. He looked away as Travis grasped soft curls, yanking Blake's head back, forcing the rebel to look into his eyes. Pressing his body hard against Blake's, Travis hissed.

"You are mine, Blake, to do with as I please, as I want. And I do want, your submission and then your death."

Travis's other hand ripped away the rest of Blake's shirt. Avon saw Blake grit his teeth and turn his face away, hiding his humiliation from his friend.

"What's wrong, Blake?" Travis sneered. "Don't you want Avon to see what you really like? Or would you prefer it from him?"

Suddenly, Travis left Blake's side and turned to face Avon.

"Perhaps I have found an even better way to obtain my revenge, Blake. After all, you seem to care little about your fate. Let's see how much you care about his!"

With that, Travis reached out, grabbing Avon by the shirt and then backhanding him across the mouth. Released by the mutoid, Avon fell heavily, hitting his head sharply against the floor's metal plating.

"Stop it, Travis! Do what you want to me, but leave Avon alone."

Blake's eyes flamed and his face darkened in fury.

"Ah, but Blake," Travis cruelly whispered, "he is rather attractive, as I'm sure you've noticed, in a delicate sort of way."

Travis stepped back to the rebel's side, picking up a piece of Blake's torn shirt. Forcing his mouth open, he gagged him and tied another strip over it to hold it secure. Them turning to Avon, who was now sitting up, he instructed the mutoid to hold the smaller man down, and, with a knife, Travis slit Avon's outfit from throat to crotch. With a few more cuts, he left Avon completely naked and vulnerable to any attack.

"You don't seem too dangerous any more, Avon."

Travis smiled evilly.

"I will kill you, Travis," Avon whispered softly, dangerously. "Very slowly and I will savor every second."

Travis laughed.

"Hold his head. I don't want him to bite."

Slowly Travis traced his fingers over Avon's face, down his chest, to the junction of legs and torso.

Avon closed his eyes, refusing to acknowledge what was happening to him. And all in front of Blake! Suddenly, Travis shoved him over onto his stomach. Avon knew what was in store for him and tried to kick but the mutoid forced his legs down and spread them. Avon's face burned with shame. He felt Travis's hand on his buttocks, softly caressing, and felt himself tense as his heart froze with fear and a horrible sense of helplessness.

"Don't worry, Avon, just a couple more minutes and you'll have what you want."

Travis laughed harshly as Avon bit back his response.

"Well, Blake? Are you enjoying the show? Travis taunted. Stroking Avon's ass firmly.

Blake snarled deep in his throat, glaring murderously at Travis.

"What was that, Blake? I can't hear you."

As Blake choked with rage, Travis turned to eye Avon's helpless form.

"You must speak more clearly, Blake."

Travis raised his gloved hand and brought it down hard on Avon's buttocks, leaving a red welt. Avon gasped at the unexpected pain but refused to cry out.

"Very stoic, Avon. Perhaps this is more to your liking?"

Travis traced a finger along the cleft between Avon's cheeks, feeling him tense, enjoying the feeling of power it gave him. Holding Avon still with one hand, he brutally inserted a gloved finger past the clenched muscles, drawing a choked gasp of pain from his victim. Avon buried his face in the floor, gritting his teeth, refusing to let Travis or Blake see the agony he felt. Travis smiled triumphantly and turned to Blake.

"I bet you would rather have Blake instead of me, wouldn't you, Avon?"

Turning back to the comp tech, Travis shoved his hand deeper, forcing a groan from his victim's trembling lips.

"Well, Blake?"

Travis removed the gag. As he did so, Avon turned his head to watch. The rebel's leader's face was full of anguish and his cheeks were damp. He raised moist eyes dark with fury to glare at his hated enemy.

"What do you want me to say, Travis? That you've beaten me? I admit it! You have the power of life and death over a friend. I will willingly submit to you to prevent his suffering. You control. So do what you wish to me but leave Avon alone!"

Even in defeat, Blake's eyes flashed fire and Travis could not help but admire his enemy's courage in the face of defeat.

"I will do what I want to you, Blake, and I want to kill you!"

As Travis raised his arm, there was a flash and Vila and Cally appeared, instantly swinging their blasters around to cover Travis and his mutoids.

"Move and Travis dies," Cally announced.

Vila very quickly released Avon's and Blake's bonds, giving them their teleport bracelets.

"I won't give up, Blake. I'll see you dead."

"I'll see you in Hell!"

The others turned to Avon, as he grabbed Vila's blaster, pointing it at Travis.

"You wouldn't, Avon. You're not man enough. You're soft like Blake."

"You are mistaken and you were warned," Avon said quietly and fired.

"Teleport now, Orac!" Cally exclaimed.

~ ~ ~

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