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Smile for the Birdie

By Susannah Shepherd
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Vila lounged on his bed, fiddling with a new lock-picking device he'd been working on. Dorian had certainly accumulated some interesting stuff in his time at Xenon, including a number of specialised security devices which had kept Vila amused for weeks.

A quiet but insistent bleep from the corner of the room had him sitting up in a flash. Oh, yes, he thought, please. Please let it be this time.

`Viewscreen, feed two,' he ordered, and as the picture flashed up, he gave a silent prayer of thanks to whichever deity it was who had intervened this time. Soolin and Dayna were clearly recognisable on the screen.

It hadn't escaped Vila's attention that the two women had been spending more and more time together, much of it behind closed doors in Soolin's room. She'd kept the main large bedroom, while the rest of them had these much more functional cabins. Not even Avon had been brazen enough to take over Dorian's still-warm bed in the couple of days Soolin had been missing.

He'd spent a lot of time thinking about what the two of them were doing, shut away together in that sumptuous room with the giant bed. Vila prided himself on his imagination, and some of his fantasies had been deeply satisfying indeed. But curiosity soon got the better of imagination...

It had been easy enough to break in, while Soolin was away on a mission on Scorpio with Tarrant and Avon. Positioning and hiding the camera had been a little harder, but he managed it to his satisfaction. Installing the microphone and fitting a sound-activated switch had been a stroke of genius, even if he did say so himself. He'd gone off to his cabin when Soolin and the others got back, and had whooped with delight when the buzzer sounded softly to show that the system worked.

And now the system had alerted him to what he wanted to see, Soolin and Dayna together. He had left the sound turned right down--he wasn't a complete voyeur, after all--so he could see them talking but not hear the words. They were only talking too, damn it. But wait, Soolin had sat down on the bed, and patted the mattress next to her. Dayna sat down, close, and smiled. Vila smiled too, turned up the volume, and hit record.

`I missed you so much while you were away,' Dayna said, her voice uncharacteristically soft and pleading. She reached out and covered Soolin's hand with her own. Vila's smile widened.

`I know,' Soolin purred, `I missed you too.' She turned slightly and ran her other hand lightly down the other woman's dark cheek. Dayna responded to Soolin's gentle touch, turning to look more directly at her. The two smiled at each other for a moment before Soolin leaned in to kiss Dayna gently on the lips.

`Yeehah!' Vila yelled in delight, and bounced on the bed. He'd been right. He'd been right! The girls were at it, and now he was going to get to watch. They were kissing more deeply now, embracing each other, and his shouts turned to a softer moan. Other parts began to harden.

His rapt attention was broken by a knock at the door, and Tarrant's voice. `Vila? What's going on in there?' Before Vila could order the door to lock, it opened and Tarrant stepped in. `I heard you shouting...' His voice trailed off as he caught sight of the viewscreen.

`Bloody hell.' Tarrant collapsed into a convenient chair, riveted by the sight of the two women, now rolling together on the huge bed in a passionate embrace, still locked in a deep kiss. `That's really them? You haven't been modifying porn vids?'

`Live feed,' Vila confirmed. `They're at it this very minute.'

Both men gave an involuntary groan as Soolin sat up, straddling Dayna, while Dayna started to unfasten Soolin's jumpsuit. As Dayna swept it open and off her shoulders, they saw the black lacy underwear in vivid contrast against Soolin's milky pale skin.

Vila's hand crept to his groin as Dayna reached up and began to tease Soolin's nipples through the thin cups of her bra, while Soolin threw back her head and gasped. Her long blonde hair had come free and tumbled loose around her shoulders.

Soolin reached in front of her and unfastened Dayna's top, exposing a similar contrast of cream silk against chocolatey skin. She bent forward and buried her face in Dayna's cleavage, while Dayna reached around her back to unfasten her bra. When Soolin sat up again her naked breasts stood proud and firm, and Dayna cradled them in her hands with a soft moan.

There was a quiet unfastening sound in Vila's room, and Tarrant reddened slightly as Vila looked across at him for a moment. He shifted in his chair so that Vila couldn't see his hand plunged into his trousers, gently rubbing at the erection which strained to break free. He'd much rather be watching this alone, but he could hardly kick Vila out of his own room, tempting though it was.

Vila's attention was quickly drawn back to the viewscreen as the two women shifted so that they could take of the rest of their outer clothes. He whimpered as he saw them kneeling to face each other on the bed, both clad in similar loose French-style knickers in soft silk and delicate lace. Tarrant made a strange choking sound in the back of his throat as Soolin reached out to free Dayna's breasts from their fragile coverings, then leaned forward to suck and lick at each nipple in turn.

When Dayna's hand slipped between Soolin's thighs and inside the lace panties, and Soolin jumped, Vila's slow groping of his stiff dick began to take on a much more purposeful air. He unfastened his own trousers for better access, not caring what Tarrant saw or thought. A man might get an opportunity like this only once in a lifetime.

Soolin was kneeling splay-legged now, head thrown back in pure pleasure, while Dayna's hand moved fast between her legs. Her other hand slipped down, under the waistband of her own panties, and began to move at a similar pace.

`Take 'em off!' Tarrant growled, but Soolin reached out to slide her hand into Dayna's knickers from below. The young woman cried out in delight and began to bounce up and down energetically on her friend's hand, panting and howling as Soolin's finger slid deep inside her while she rubbed herself frenetically. In no time at all Dayna cried out, over and over again, and the men could see her hand moving like lightning under the thin silk fabric. She gave one last sharp cry and pitched forward, tumbling Soolin to the bed under her.

Tarrant got his wish at that point, as both women stripped themselves naked then lay back on the bed, fondling each other slowly. Dayna's hand crept back between the blonde's legs, making her gasp and smile. She parted her legs to allow Dayna better access, and Vila groaned aloud as his prick jerked in his hand at the sight of those ebony fingers sliding into Soolin's soft pink depths.

`I am disgusted,' said a familiar baritone voice from the door. Both men jumped and tried to stuff their cocks back inside their trousers, without much success. Vila wondered just how long he had been standing there. He was very good at sneaking up.

`For a start, that picture quality is appalling.' Avon walked across the cabin to the viewscreen and fiddled with a few controls normally hidden behind a panel. Suddenly the image on the screen was brighter and sharper. All three of them now had a much better view of Dayna's lips working their way down Soolin's body, nibbling at breasts and kissing the flat stomach before her head came to rest between Soolin's legs.

There was a collective sigh from all three men, and Avon stepped back to the only other chair in the room. `I'm also put out that I wasn't invited.'

`Neither was Tarrant. He's only here 'cos he barged in,' Vila protested. `It wasn't supposed to be a public screening.' He looked across at Avon, leaning forward in the chair and watching the women with a lecherous smirk.

Oh well, Vila thought. It would have been selfish to keep this all to himself. Times had been tough of late, with the Liberator gone, and they deserved a bit of relief, all of them. The girls were getting some, obviously. Why shouldn't the lads get some too?

Soolin's face was a picture of bliss as she buried her fingers in Dayna's short hair and stretched on the bed.

`Yes!' Avon whispered as Dayna nuzzled deeper into Soolin's aroused flesh, and Soolin arched beneath her with a soft cry. The men couldn't see quite what Dayna's mouth was doing, but it was pretty clear from Soolin's reaction that her clitoris was getting a solid workout from Dayna's wet pink tongue.

`Wait!' Soolin called out, and pushed Dayna's head away from her with a supreme effort of will. `I want to try something.' She rolled over and reached down under the bed, and came back up holding a latex dildo in a rather unnatural shade of flesh pink. Dayna laughed.

`Dorian gave it to me,' Soolin explained. `He had a thing for sex toys. He liked to watch me use it.' She handed it to Dayna, almost shyly. `Would you use it on me?'

`Why not?' Dayna wrapped her hand around the base and giggled again. Soolin lay back and drew her legs up, then Dayna eased the dildo gently and experimentally inside her. It slid easily into Soolin's slick flesh.

`That's it,' Soolin crooned, `faster. Faster!'

Dayna complied, and Vila gave another whimper. He'd progressed beyond surreptitious groping to straight-out jerking off now, albeit with the intention of making it last, and Tarrant seemed to be doing much the same. Avon was still only watching with that cold smile of his, although he did seem to be squirming a little in his seat.


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