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Smile for the Birdie

By Susannah Shepherd
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Stop, Dayna, stop,' Soolin sighed, and as Dayna pulled the dildo from her, she sat upright. `It's no good,' she sighed, `it's just not the same. I never thought I'd say it, but I miss Dorian. I want a real man inside me. A big, hard, hot man's dick.'

That statement earned another three moans, and Avon's hand finally moved to grope at his crotch.

`Well, we've got a few men of our own,' Dayna said. `I'm sure at least one of them would be happy to oblige.'

Vila had to restrain himself from calling out, `Me! Me! Pick me!'

`I suppose,' Soolin sighed. `But it's a bit complicated, isn't it? I don't really want any sort of relationship with any of them, too messy. I just want the sex.'

Three male hands started to slow a little. None of them wanted to be too quick off the mark, not with that sort of prospect hanging in the air.

`Sounds good to me,' Dayna said with a broad smile. `Which one would you pick?'

`Ooh,' Soolin pondered, looking thoughtful. `Tarrant's very cute, and I'll bet he's energetic, but he's not really my type. I prefer them a bit older. Avon... well, he's sexy as hell, but he's too--what would you call it?-- intense. I think I'd choose Vila.'

`Me too!' Dayna enthused. `He's such a sweetie at times. I bet he'd go out of his way to make a good impression.' She giggled. `Do you think he could keep up with both of us?'

`Oh, yeah!' Back in his cabin, Vila roared out. `Or die trying!' He leapt to his feet with excitement.

`Oh, I wish he'd try,' said Soolin's image on the viewscreen. `I really need it, you know?'

`Right, lads, that's my cue,' Vila said. `I'm off. The girls obviously know a quality act when they see one. Now why don't you two toddle off like good chaps and let me get down to business.'

`Come on, Vila,' Tarrant protested, `you can't kick us out, not now.'

`I can and I am. I'm not having you two watching, you'll put me off my stride!' He marched across the room with uncharacteristic purpose and hauled both Tarrant and Avon to their feet by their collars. `Out!'

Avon stiffened at Vila's presumptive handling, but gave him an evil smile as he was being pushed towards the door. `Of course, Vila, you have considered how you are going to get into that room without giving yourself away, haven't you? You don't think that two intelligent women might be just a little suspicious if you turn up on cue like that?'

Vila's face fell, and he let go of both collars. `Oh, hell,' he said, `I hadn't thought of that.' He brightened again after a second, and picked up the tool he'd been working on. `I know! I'll just go along to Soolin's room and ask if she knows where there might be some testing apparatus for this.'

`It'll be where the testing apparatus is normally kept, I imagine,' Avon said snidely.

`Yeah, well, sometimes there's advantages to people thinking you're stupid,' Vila said cheerfully. `She mightn't believe that line from you, but she will from me.' He pulled himself up to his full height and straightened his tunic. `Now, out!'

Tarrant and Avon found themselves standing forlornly in the corridor as Vila locked the door behind him and hastened off to Soolin's room as fast as his aroused state would allow, his tool dangling in one hand.

`Oh, God,' Tarrant groaned, shifting awkwardly, `I can't stay like this.' He went to move back to his own room and some privacy, but Avon stopped him with a hand on his chest and another wicked grin. He balanced his weight on his outstretched hand, taking a handful of Tarrant's tunic as he lifted one foot and pulled a slim probe from the chunky heel of his boot. Tarrant wondered whether it was really necessary for Avon to grip his nipple quite so tightly, but given the state he was in, he wasn't complaining at the extra stimulation.

Avon let go of Tarrant and opened Vila's cabin door with a flourish in just a few seconds, then stalked back inside, where the viewscreen still glowed in the corner. They were just in time to see the two women turn around at the sound of a knock at the door.

`Who is it?' Soolin called out in a sweet voice, and as they heard Vila's stammered reply, the two women smiled at each other. Dayna wrapped herself in the bed-sheets while Soolin stood up and put on a sheer robe. She went to the door and opened it, and Vila stepped in.

`Soolin, I was looking for...' His voice trailed off as he looked Soolin over, and explored every single clinging inch of the fabric with his eyes. `Blimey!'

`He's a good actor, you have to admit,' Tarrant remarked. `At least now he can explain the bloody great hard-on sticking out the front of his trousers.'

Vila turned to look at the bed, where Dayna lay demurely under a satin sheet pulled tight enough to show off every curve of her body.

`You...' Vila stuttered convincingly, `you two...?'

`Yes, Vila.' Soolin rested a hand on his shoulder and purred his name into his ear. `Us two. But we've been getting a little... bored.'

`Can't have that,' Vila said, a broad grin spreading across his face. `Hey, maybe I could think of something to liven things up a bit!'

`Would you?' Dayna asked softly, slipping from between the sheets and walking over to them. Vila let out a contented sigh as she put a hand on his other shoulder. Soolin slipped out of her robe, and an unbelieving Vila slid an arm around each naked woman.

`Oh, yes,' he said, his voice dropping half an octave as Soolin's hand spread down his chest and started to unzip his tunic. `Oh, yes, I think I can show you something interesting.'

Soolin slipped his tunic from his shoulders and lifted off his shirt, while Dayna worked on his shoes and trousers. For a moment, Tarrant and Avon could see nothing but the two women swarming over Vila, removing things item by item. It wasn't long before they got a view of his naked arse, flanked by two more rounded and prettier ones.

Soolin looked behind Dayna's back and gave a brief nod, then both women moved together in a smooth pattern. Dayna slipped out of Vila's reach for a moment then launched herself bodily at the man, carrying him over on to the bed. She landed on top of him and pinned down both arms.

Vila gave a delighted if somewhat breathless laugh as Dayna wrestled him down, and Tarrant groaned audibly at the sight. `Oh... my... God...' the pilot breathed, unable to believe his eyes as Dayna squirmed and fought to pin down the larger man.

Avon chuckled at Tarrant's reaction, then laughed even louder as he saw Soolin move to the foot of the bed and surreptitiously tie one of Vila's ankles to a bedpost with a long strap. Vila noticed what was going on as she moved to pull his legs apart and tie the second foot, and tried to twist free, but she was too fast and strong for him.

`Ooh, like a bit of the kinky stuff, do you, girls?' Vila said chirpily. `All you had to do was ask.' He wriggled under Dayna, but she laughed at him and kept him pinned down with her weight as Soolin took each arm in turn and strapped Vila's wrists to the bed frame, at right angles to his body.

`Good God,' Tarrant exclaimed as the women pulled back and he got his first good look at the naked Vila, tied to the bed and unencumbered by clothing or women. `No wonder Kerril wanted him to stay.'

Both Soolin and Dayna rocked back and looked at Vila's erection, and Tarrant could see that they both agreed with his assessment. Dayna gave a slightly nervous laugh and reached out to take the dildo from Soolin. She held it next to Vila's cock in comparison.

`Vila, you should have told us!' Soolin scolded as she ran her hand along the dildo.

`I tried to drop hints,' Vila protested. He cried out as Soolin grasped his cock to check that it really was thicker and longer and harder than the substitute. `But I'm not just a sex toy, you know,' he managed to gasp.

Soolin let him drop, and Dayna took her turn to run her hand slowly and speculatively along Vila's prize specimen.

`Oooo,' Vila moaned again, and pushed his hips upwards so that he thrust into Dayna's curled hand.

`Not yet,' she scolded. `We don't want to waste it, do we?'

`I think I've got something you might be interested in, Vila,' Soolin said, then turned away and bent over the side of the bed.

Avon stifled a groan at the sight of Soolin's rounded bottom, thrust up into the air and wiggling while she ferreted around in the bedside cupboard. He got up from the chair he was sitting in and went to spread out more comfortably on Vila's bed. He unfastened the fly of his trousers and grasped at his erection, completely ignoring an embarrassed Tarrant.

Soolin's head appeared again, and she raised her hand with a flourish. She was waving a much bigger oversized dildo, in fluorescent purple, with a wicked grin on her face.

`So what do you think? If I can manage this, I'm sure I can manage you.' Soolin shifted so that she knelt on the bed, straddling one of Vila's outstretched arms. She rubbed the tip of the dildo up and down between her legs, and watched as Vila's eyes grew wide enough to show a circle of white around his irises.

`That thing's got to be a foot long!' Tarrant breathed. `And thick with it!' Avon didn't say anything, but he was stroking himself slowly in time with Soolin's teasing explorations. Tarrant found himself doing the same.

The blonde woman threw back her head and cried out with pleasure as she pushed the swollen head of the moulded cock inside her body. Vila started to make a soft keening noise at the back of his throat as Soolin's hand thrust almost in his face, giving him a close-up view of the giant dildo stretching her entrance wide as it slid in and out. Soolin became more and more excited as she bounced up and down, taking in as much as her body would hold.

`Oh, God, yes!' she called, her voice high-pitched and wavering. Dayna was kneeling at the other side of Vila's chest, equally transfixed by the sight. Her fingers rubbed at her clitoris with short, hard strokes, and she reached out her other hand to Soolin. Soolin gave a short squeal as Dayna's fingers pushed between her swollen folds and found their mark.

Dayna began to thrum Soolin hard as she took herself ever faster and faster with the surrogate cock. Soolin arched her back and screamed as she came, and Dayna joined her in orgasm a moment later.

`Girls,' Vila pleaded, his eyes flicking from one aroused pussy to the other, `please! Untie me! Or fuck me! I'm in agony here!'

Both women ignored him as they came down from their ecstasy, and leaned across his body for a slow, languid kiss. The sight of two pairs of beautiful breasts pressed together just out of reach brought tears of frustration to Vila's eyes.

`Can I have a go?' Dayna asked Soolin, who handed the slick dildo over with a smile. Soolin reached out a hand to play casually with one of Vila's nipples, which made him squirm and writhe uselessly once again.


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