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ByDavid D (AKA David Dee)
Season:Post Gauda Prime
Characters: Avon, Blake, Cally, Vila, Servalan, Jenna, Orac,
Synopsis:On Gauda Prime Jenna appears in the medical unit before Avon is shot and throws a stun grenade. She gets bracelets onto Blake Avon and Vila before being injured and then they are all 'beamed up' The dead Blake is rematerialised as the Blake that beamed up from Star 1. Cally is also re-materialised as the Cally that beamed down to Terminal. Avon discovers that Jenna is a creation of Zen because she was in union with ZEN when the Liberator was first found. Vila is healed of his wounds and reappears. Avon accuses them all of being facsimilies.Servalan was behind the events on Gauda Prime and Avon gives her orac and tempts her to turn Orac on and so release a super tariel cell virus (hence the title) that destroys the infrastructure of the Federation. During the final fight Servalan cold bloodedly executes everyone except Avon who witnesses her final downfall.
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