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The Machiavelli Factor

ByLillian Sheperd (AKA EPS)
Characters: Avon, Blake, Vila, Cally, Dayna, Tarrant
Categories:Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Alternative Universe
ArtistJean Sheward
Synopsis:Events take a radically different turn on Terminal, whisking the entire crew to another galaxy and a totally separate adventure. How can Blake free an alien race that is genetically engineered to obey orders and to be unable to lie? Sheperd's forte is combining Blake's 7 with creative SF and here, as always, she shines, creating an original alien culture with new technology and characters. Yet, she also writes with warmth and affection for the Blake's 7 characters (though Tarrant's fans may be disappointed). This is one of the best Blake's 7 novels ever written (including the 'professional' ones).
Viewed:14877 times
Rating:5 (19 Votes)
Previously Published inThe Machiavelli Factor (two editions as a fanzine)

Archived at:Waveney
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The Quibell Abduction

ByLillian Sheperd (AKA EPS)
Characters: Avon, Cally
Synopsis:Cally and Avon are working undercover when Avon is kidnapped. Cally must race against time to rescue him. The webminion says: This is that rarity, a B7 story that's genuine science fiction. It's also one of the best Cally stories ever written, and if your Cally is the warrior who confronted Blake on Cygnus Alpha, you'll want to read this.
Viewed:16437 times
Rating:5 (27 Votes)
Previously Published inThe Quibell Abduction
Archived at:Waveney
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The Haunting of Haderon

ByLillian Sheperd (AKA EPS, Ermintrude Postlethwaite Smythe )
Characters: Avon, Blake, Cally, Jenna, Vila, Gan
Categories:Hurt/Comfort, Angst
Synopsis:Avon and Vila are abandoned in the desert. Is it true that the desert is haunted? A story which uses all the characters well, but which will particularly appeal to fans of the friendship between Avon and Vila.
Viewed:12696 times
Rating:5 (39 Votes)
Previously Published inStar Three, Liberator 5 and a standalone zine published by Green Dragon Press.
Archived at:Hermit
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