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Rebels and Mercs

Characters: Blake,
Categories:Hurt/Comfort, Alternative Universe, Crossover with The Professionals
Synopsis:This medium length slash story is an a/u crossover where one of Blake's rebel followers happens to be Bodie from The Professionals. Actually he's Blake's bodyguard probably in a B7 a/u fourth season. Blake and Bodie have been shot down during a federation attack, and the spacecraft has crashed on a planet.
Viewed:1333 times
Rating:5 (2 Votes)
Previously Published inNo Holds Barred 12
Archived at:Waveney
Prequel toEchoes of Remembrances by D. Ramsey in No Holds Barred 12
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Characters: Avon, Blake,
Categories:Crossover with Chrestomanci (Diana Wynne Jones)
Synopsis:A/B story tying up the loose ends from Voice from the Past, featuring Chrestomanci from Diana Wynne Jones's sequence of fantasy novels.
Viewed:3115 times
Rating:4 (11 Votes)
Archived at:Waveney
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This Gun For Hire

Characters: Avon, Blake, Vila, Jenna
Categories:Crossover with Graham Greene
Synopsis:Pastiching various works by Graham Greene. Avon (a lapsed Catholic) fancies Blake; so does Jenna. Vila fancies Avon, but life is never simple.
Viewed:2358 times
Rating:4 (10 Votes)
Previously Published inFreedom City Mailing List
Archived at:Hermit
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