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Stories 1 - 2


ByFrances Teagle (AKA Vega)
Characters: Servalan, Travis
Categories:Action/Adventure, Angst
Synopsis:Servalan tries to capture the Liberator by luring Jenna into a trap baited with her free-trading cousins. Travis grows mutinous and young Rai learns a terrible secret.
Viewed:6207 times
Rating:4 (6 Votes)
Archived at:Nessie Archive
Sequel toOrac
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Reminiscences From The Pit

ByFrances Teagle (AKA Vega)
Season:Pre Way Back
Characters: Jenna, Vila
Synopsis:How Jenna Stannis earned her passage to Cygnus Alpha

Introduction to the 'JennaSaga'

Viewed:8048 times
Rating:5 (6 Votes)
Previously Published inDEADLIER THAN THE MALE
Archived at:Nessie Archive
Prequel toTransition In Three Stages
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