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The Machiavelli Factor

ByLillian Sheperd (AKA EPS)
Characters: Avon, Blake, Vila, Cally, Dayna, Tarrant
Categories:Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Alternative Universe
ArtistJean Sheward
Synopsis:Events take a radically different turn on Terminal, whisking the entire crew to another galaxy and a totally separate adventure. How can Blake free an alien race that is genetically engineered to obey orders and to be unable to lie? Sheperd's forte is combining Blake's 7 with creative SF and here, as always, she shines, creating an original alien culture with new technology and characters. Yet, she also writes with warmth and affection for the Blake's 7 characters (though Tarrant's fans may be disappointed). This is one of the best Blake's 7 novels ever written (including the 'professional' ones).
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Rating:5 (19 Votes)
Previously Published inThe Machiavelli Factor (two editions as a fanzine)

Archived at:Waveney
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