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By Marian Mendez

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Coma Avon Blake
Come Aeon Slake
Core Neon Stake
Corn Noon Stale
Coon Nook Stile
Noon Cook or Took Stilt
Neon Cool Tool Stint
Aeon Fool Fool Saint
Blake Vila Sula
Brake Vile Sulk Silk or Sunk
Brave Mile Milk Sung
Crave Mire Mile Song
Crane Hire Mole Long
Crone Here Move Lone
Clone Hero Love Love
Sula Avon Cally
Hula Aeon Calls
Hull Neon Cells
Hall Noon Sells
Hale Moon Seals
Hate Morn Seats
  More Slats or Spats
  Mole or Mire Slate Spate
  Vole Mile State
  Vile Vile Stale
  Vila Vila Stole

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Marian Mendez

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