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Don't touch the exhibits.


This room features props from the series, both original and replica.

A replica LIBERATOR BRACELET made by Kevin Davies
"I was fortunate enough to see a BBC design drawing of these bracelets, that listed the catalogue numbers of the parts they were made from. It was simply a matter of ordering them, assembling them, spraying with car spray and adding chrome parcel tape."


A replica LIBERATOR HAND GUN made by Kevin Davies
"This took ages to make. Almost all of it is made from exactly the same materials as the BBC ones, from the same supplier, but the clear ribbed section was a nightmare. I tried several ways to do it, which all failed. In the end, I resorted to carving each ring by hand from a perspex sheet. It took about a day per ring!"


A replica ORAC made by Kevin Davies
"Based on the season 3 version, this full-sized replica has lights that flash in the right pattern and produces the typical Orac background noise. Like the original, it is operated from the key, which activates a magnetic switch. It took 8/9 months to build, a lot of which was spent searching for the same sort of bits of spare electronic components that filled the original."


A replica Federation officer's pistol made by Kevin Davies, scratch-built (in aluminium and steel)


Federation pursuit ship made by Kevin Davies, in scale with Comet Miniatures Liberator kit - scratch built

"To make this, I followed the directions on 'Blue Peter', but where they used cardboard, I used aluminium sheet and rod, simple! "


A replica SCORPIO CLIP GUN made by Kevin Davies
"This model was made from aluminium sheet, on a wooden core. The barrel and sight were turned on a lathe from aluminium rod. The removable clip is attached with a stereo jack plug!"


A replica FEDERATION TROOPER'S HELMET made by Kevin Davies
full-sized replica, scratch-built and featured on TV, twice (Jonathan Ross Show & Pebble Mill)


A replica FEDERATION GUN made by Kevin Davies
"This model is made from metal tubing, sheeting and trunking on a wooden core. It has been lacquered and baked in the same way as a car, I wanted something with a realistic weight and feel to it, which I think it has."


The shuttle from Orbit (Original).

A real pursuit ship, as seen at Deliverance.


There are more photo's of props at Vilaworld including a very sad looking Orac.

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