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The Liberator heads for Freedom City in search of Docholli and the location of Star One.
Docholli: Hello, Zee. So you're getting around. How's the leg?

Zee: You drunken butcher. Look what you did!

Zee: [Produces gun] I want to see you fall down. All right, I'm gonna count to three. One... Two --
Docholli: Thanks. Next time don't leave it so late. [Travis appears from the shadows.]

Travis:[To Zee] Get out.

Chenie:So, you're a surgeon.

Docholli: Used to be.

Cally, Jenna and Blake prepare to teleport down to Freedom City

Vila and Avon operate the teleport controls
Krantor sits at his mirror
Servalan: I am here unofficially but on Federation business.

Krantor: Oh, how sad. Try a pataki cake. [Offers her a tray of small cakes.]

Krantor: Toise, are you sure that head gear is part of the uniform?

Toise: It is of the period, Krantor.

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