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by Judith Proctor

Tune: "Northwest Passage" by Stan Rogers

Ah for just one time, I would travel on the London,
To go to Cygnus Alpha where the stories all began,
Tracing one long path, trod by every soul in fandom,
To follow in their footsteps if I can.

Though I fought the Federation, I fought it on my own,
With no one to stand beside me, I had to fight alone,
Then a fellow fan before me, held out a guiding hand,
And showed the way to reach the promised land.


But they said new fans will change us, do we really want them in?
They won't respect our customs, they'll laugh and not join in,
They'll ask the same old questions, that we've answered long before,
And we don't want to hear them any more.


How then am I so different, from the first to pass this way,
Like them I led a mundane life, I threw it all away,
Seeking Cygnus Alpha, and the worlds that lie beyond,
The realms of fandom: friendship, story, song.


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