Travis, unclassifiable

ArachneDressing for DinnerFORBIDDEN STAR #2Tr; humor UK, 1997.12

Travis/Kiera (the mutoid)

Cathy ConradJungle LoveTHE LAUGHING MUTOID #4B/J, Tr/Kiera, C/G, A/C, A/V; humor US, 1989
Carole FairmanOne Last TimeALTERNATIVE SEVEN #3Tr/Kiera UK, 1978?


Jane CarnallI Don't Know What Your Father Would Say...THE UNIQUE TOUCH 2ST/various universes including B7 crossover; implied A/Spock and Tr/Spock; humor mm; UK, 1988
Susan CutterHidden FacetTALES FROM SPACE CITY #21998 Birthday Party story; S0; Ta; humor UK, 2000.3

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