Ah yes. Prime Attack. Would have been improved by the use of a dictionary on the author's part. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe not. After all, the startling misuse of three words in particular(*) made sure that I never forgot the zine, wheras if he *had* used a dictionary, then it would simply have been lost in mediocrity.

This was a one-story standalone zine, a PGP. It is Australian. I think it was produced by Rosie Peck of South Australia, but I'm not sure. Rosie Peck was the editor of Xenon.

(*) The phrases that burned into my memory were:
- "in a strategically walkable manner"
- "a dual triumvirate"
- and the use of the word "decapitated" to refer to something *other* than a head.

That, plus remaking the Blake's 7 universe over into something that had the tone of Star Wars, made this even worse than "Aftermath".

What gets me is that some people actually loved it.

Kathryn "scathing review" Andersen


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Last updated on 10th of July 1999.