August 1990; edited by Aya Katz; Inverted-A,Inc.
Cover art by Linda K. Holt - Avon, possibly Blake and Vila
Guest editorial p4

Illustration by Linda K. Holt p5 - ?
Anna's car by Tom Moore p7
No martyr by Aya Katz p9 - poem
Illustration by J. Medina p10 - Avon, other? (poss Jenna)

First series
Illustration by J. Medina p12 - Blake
Blake, Blake by Aya Katz p12 - poem
Bound for the pen by Aya Katz p13 - poem
Meegat, to her God by Aya Katz p14 - poem

Second series
Illustration by Elli Thurmond p16 -Avon, Cally?, other?
The price by Sara Talbot p17

Third series
Those who wait by Aya Katz p42
Illustration by Elli Thurmond p48 - Avon, ocf?

Fourth series
Illustration by Linda K. Holt p50 - Avon
Final obsession by Richard McCoy p51
Assassin by Aya Katz p55 - poem

Post Gauda Prime
The end of the rebels Blake's 7 by Richard McCoy p58 -poem
Poisonous stimulants by Irene Stubbs p59
Illustration by Elli Thurmond p61 - Avon, Soolin
Illustration by Linda K. Holt p67 - Servalan
Illustration by J. Medina p83 - Blake, Avon, Deva?
A real nutcase by Nets Hawk p86

Let sleeping gods lie by Sena Brothers p93
Illustration by Linda K. Holt p97 - Avon, Servalan
Guidelines for contributors p100

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