Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I have no idea why =III 3= is called that-- whether it's the third in a series, or just an eccentric zine title like =54124=, from the same publisher. I have to confess that I am not sure whether some of the items by Topaz are intended to be short-short stories or poems; if the latter, they are definitely in the category of "prose cut up into irregular lengths." I finally called the longer ones stories and the shorter ones poems, somewhat arbitrarily.


Publisher: TASAS (Shaftesbury, Dorset)
Date: [late 1983; poems and short stories by Topaz dated 1983.8.27]
Format: A4, [1] + 67 pp.

Meegat, "At His Own Game" (S3; A-V)
Topaz, "Sarcophagus-- An Epilogue" (S3, post- Sarcophagus; A-C)
Meegat, "That's Impossible-- Isn't It?" (S1?; A-B-V)
Chas Early, "Part One of a Trilogy" (part 1 of 3; S5)
Teddy, "The Power" (S3; C, implied A/C)
Chas Early, "Part Two: Location" (part 2 of 3; S5)
Ros Williams, "MacAvon, or, Shakespeare Turns in His Grave" (script; Macbeth parody; S2, Star One - S3; humor)
Topaz, "In Memorandum" [sic] (S5; Se)
Chas Early, "Retribution (part three of the B7 trilogy)" (part 3 of 3; S5)
Meegat, "Avon's Revenge" (sequel to "At His Own Game;" S3; A-V)

Topaz, "Servalan's Promise" (S3, post-Aftermath; A-Se)
Topaz, "I Remember" (S4, post-Sand; Se/Ta)
Anna Grant, "Finale" (S0; A/Anna)
Topaz, "Poem" (S4, Blake; A-B)
Topaz, "Poem" (S4, Blake; A-V)

? cover S2 A-B, A-B on GP
p. 21 Se

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