Publisher: Avon, The Paul Darrow Society
Date: [early 1992]
Format: A5 digest, 35 pp.

Fiction (all competition entries, with same opening and closing paragraphs):
Judith Seaman, "Not with a Whimper"
Jackie Willmott, untitled
Sue d'Nim, "You Win You Lose"
Caroline Robertson, "Paradise Planet"
E. N. Igma, "A Satchell Production"
Carole Howell, "The Sage of Avon Bloodaxe, or, A Norse, a Norse, My Kingdom for a Norse"
Libby Rator, "Untitled"
Barbara Teichert, "Visions of 1993"
Denise Baker, "The Short Version of the End"
Judith M. Rolls, "In the Shadow of the World Tree" (winner; S5; A-V; humor); also in AVON NEWSLETTER #46

P. O. Duel, "A Farce in a Spacesuit" (winner; S5; A-V; humor); also in AVON NEWSLETTER #46

Ros Williams, ?

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