Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

And here's the zine that accompanied the tape. Pat Fenech did a very nice review of the tape; I wonder whether that has been posted on a web page anywhere? If not, it should be. The songs follow a seasonal motif, which of course corresponds to the four series of the show.


(filks by Narrelle M. Harris; lyrics to filk tape of same name by musical group Gambit)
Editors: Fiona Undy and Narrelle Harris (AU)
Publisher: Gambit (members of group: Fiona Undy, Cameron Undy, Carl Dewhurst, Susan Lake-Harris, Narrelle M. Harris)
Date: [1986]
Format: A4, [28] unnumbered pp., beige paper covers, black tape binding over staples

Fiona Undy and Narrelle M. Harris, "Voices from the Rubber Room" (editorial)

Poetry (all by Narrelle M. Harris, all song lyrics):
"Prometheus Unbound (Blake)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Delta's Son (Vila)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Enchantress (Cally)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"7 Card Stud (2nd Season Crew to Blake)" (music by Cameron Undy)
"Corsair (Jenna)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Servalan-- The Package Deal" (f, My Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music)
"Farewell (Avon to Blake)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Broken Dreams (Avon)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Shadow (Del, for Deeta)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Decree (Scorpio Crew)" (music by Cameron Undy)
"The Huntress (Dayna)" (music by Fiona Undy)
"Afraid of the Dark (Blake-- Gauda Prime)" (music by Narrelle Harris)
[The tape includes a final instrumental, "Phoenix," music by Fiona Undy.]

Gordon Undy front c. silhouette landscape
photos inside fr. c. Fiona, Sue, Narrelle
Tricia Ostwald p. [5] "The Emperor" (B)
p. 7 "The Magician" (V)
p. 9 "The High Priestess" (C)
p. 11 "Wheel of Fortune"
p. 13 "The Star" (J)
p. 15 "Queen of Swords" (Se)
p. 17 "Death" (A-B at Star One)
p. 19 "King of Swords" (A)
p. 21 "Knight of Swords" (Ta)
p. 23 "The Tower" (S4 crew)
p. 25 "Strength" (D)
p. 27 "The Moon" (GP B)

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